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Sustainably chic coffee maker by Sergej Kuckir

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Oodles of choices actually leave us baffled! There are innumerable coffee makers flying on the market shelves. Adding to your bewilderment here’s yet another super cool coffee maker that promises you hot cuppa coffee in style. The whiz kid of Sergej Kuckir, this chic coffee maker is not something that’s run of the mill. What makes it unique is the material of which it is crafted. The designer keeping in mind the environment friendly people has come up with a coffee maker that’s made up of recycled/recyclable materials. Besides being sustainably green the coffee maker is user friendly and easy to disassemble. Now, that’s not all, the coffee maker ensures that the energy it consumes is minimal. What else can you ask for a chic coffee maker?

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coffee maker
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Via: Kuckir