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Swash 1000: Redefining high tech toiletry

The designer: Brondell

Swash 1000


A bidet is a low-mounted plumbing fixture which is fixed in a toilet. Bidets, however, are considered as a sort of luxury. They involve a separate installation, need space and also cost as much as the toilet. The extra plumbing effort and the masonry work are also there to be done. But once installed, they are a hygienic alternative to the paper rolls used for the same purpose. They also contribute to a greener life considering the fact that the US alone uses more than 34,000,000 rolls of paper a day! Nowadays, many toilets come with in-built bidets.

What’s unique

Swash 1000 brings the comfort of a separate bidet without the need for installing a separate one! Definitely deserving the title of ‘Cadillac of bidets’ the Swash 1000 consists of a hard toilet-seat that has been built in with a bidet. And this is no ordinary bidet. It provides pre-heated water that ranges from 89.6 degrees to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit with controls over the width and angle of the water stream. The jet nozzle is neatly tucked into the seat and comes out only when activated. The whole system is remote controlled, which makes the entire process completely hands free and hygienic. A second jet has also been specially installed and that should be good news for the ladies!

Other features/specifications

The Swash 1000 comes along with a host of other features. The water spray and nozzle feature a ‘massage’ mode in which the jet of water gently oscillates to provide the desired effect. The entire seat area has a nano-coat that keeps it sterile. Once the cleaning is done, there is a deodorizer to be used and finally the air dryer to complete the entire process. For those who are power conscious, the Swash 1000 also has a working econo mode where it reduces the heating of water and makes minimal use of electricity. The integrated remote control is easy to use and can control every single feature of the Swash 1000.

Price: The Swash 1000 will adorn your toilet for $600.

Should I buy it?

If you are entirely accustomed to the concept of a bidet, then this would be an elegant, space saving way of installing one. If you are new to the concept, then the bidet would be a welcome purchase for it is more hygienic and it saves the environment from the billions of toilet paper rolls. However, $600 may pinch a bit when it comes to the price. One may as well do without some of the ‘high-end’ features for the lower end and settle for the $179 Ecoseat 100 that has been modeled along similar lines. The Swash 1000 is definitely a luxury and you are justified in thinking twice before paying such a high price for something that you are going to poop on.

Via: Gizmodo

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