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What Does it Take to Prepare for Home Automation?

Home Automation

Smart home automation offers homeowners convenience, efficiency and peace of mind, while making it possible to automate your equipment and systems ranging from thermostats to home security. Your smartphone becomes the control center, allowing you to remotely unlock and lock doors, monitor video cameras, automatically shut off water in case of water leaks, and turn on the lights. By 2019, it’s estimated that 69 percent of homeowners will have implemented home automation.

However, getting ready for home automation system installation may seem like a daunting or confusing process. You might be wondering whether you need to do something, everything or if it’s the system installer’s job. As you get ready to automate, here are a few tricks and tips that can help.

Prepare to Make Lifestyle Changes

Depending on what home automation system being installed, you need to prepare for a few lifestyle changes. For instance, you might be having an automated security or lighting system installed. Both installations will alter your daily routine slightly, so prepare how you run your life before anything is brought into your home, including how you wake up, leave your home, and even travel.

Prepare Family Members

Always involve your family members in the entire home automation process. Consider the possibility of having your daughter or son handle a part of this process; for instance, if installing automated lighting, you need to let them know what they can and cannot touch. In addition, your spouse might need to have an added account and an extra app for the system.

Create a checklist for family, close friends and relatives that might need to know how the system works in case of an emergency. Apart from your security codes, always have all other details relating to your home system somewhere handy, for easier access.

Prep Your Home

As you change your daily routine and prepare your family, it’s beneficial if you would make changes to the house as well. Use this opportunity to do some thorough spring-cleaning. Trash or donate items around your home to make it tidy and easier for home automation updates.

One easy way to get rid of stuff you do not need is dealing with items you haven’t touched in the last one year. Those items you haven’t used in a while could be donated. De-cluttering your home will also help make the automation process more streamlined and easier.

Understand Privacy Policies

With the increased popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring, sharing and even potentially selling consumer data, some smart dishwashers, thermostats and coffee makers now have privacy policies. It’s up to you to read the agreements on each smart device you bring into your home. It is critical that you are comfortable with how your devices share and use data.

Secure Your Home Network

At the heart of home automation is your home network, just as you evaluate wholesale fence Rhode Island installations for securing your home, make sure you evaluate the safety and security features on each smart device. If the smart devices use passwords, make sure that they are strong and be aware that most devices share same default passwords – even none at all. Smart devices wired to the Internet are often more secure than their Wi-Fi connected ones; however, if you have Wi-Fi connected devices, make sure you activate all their security features to prevent signal interception.

Last Call on Home Automation

These few things will help you get ready to upgrade your home’s automation system. Remember, being over-prepared is much better than being under-prepared. So, don’t you think about skipping the prep work!

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