Ten Home Improvement Tips to Attract Good Tenants

Ten Home Improvement Tips to Attract Good Tenants

Attracting good tenants is a crucial aspect of property management, especially in a competitive real estate market like Syracuse, where, as of October 2023, home prices rose by 14.3% compared to last year, and rents have decreases by $50 since last year.

So, why is it so important that you attract only the best tenants?

Quality tenants ensure a steady income, reduced vacancy periods, and better maintenance of the property. One effective way to attract these desirable tenants is through strategic home improvements. These enhancements not only increase the property’s value but also its appeal to potential renters. In this guide, we’ll explore ten such improvements that can make your property stand out in a highly competitive market such as that of Syracuse. 

1. Curb Appeal Matters

The first impression is often the lasting one, and this holds true for rental properties. Curb appeal can significantly influence a tenant’s decision. Simple upgrades like maintaining the lawn, planting flowers, or applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior can make a big difference. In a city like Syracuse, where the seasons dramatically change the landscape, ensuring your property looks inviting year-round can be a decisive factor for prospective tenants. Remember, a well-maintained exterior suggests a well-maintained interior.

2. Efficient Window Installation

Windows play a dual role in property aesthetics and functionality, especially in Syracuse, which is known for its freezing winters. Installing energy-efficient windows is a smart upgrade. It not only enhances the property’s look but also improves insulation, reducing heating costs – a significant concern during the colder months. We recommend hiring experienced Syracuse window installation experts who can provide suggestions based on the city’s climate.

These windows can be a major selling point, as they promise potential tenants lower utility bills and a more comfortable living environment. Moreover, they contribute to the property’s overall energy efficiency, a feature increasingly valued by environmentally conscious renters.

3. Modernizing the Kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of a home – and we couldn’t agree more with this statement. A modern, well-equipped kitchen can be a major draw for tenants. Consider updating old appliances with energy-efficient models, which are attractive for their cost-saving and environmental benefits. Upgrading countertops and cabinetry, or even just adding a fresh coat of paint, can significantly elevate the kitchen’s appeal. Especially in communities where family and communal living are valued, a welcoming and functional kitchen can be a deal-maker for potential tenants.

4. Bathroom Upgrades for Comfort

Next to the kitchen, bathrooms are critical in influencing tenant decisions. A clean, modern bathroom can significantly increase a property’s appeal. Simple upgrades like installing new fixtures, contemporary lighting, or a fresh layer of paint can transform the space without substantial investment. In the colder months prevalent in Syracuse, features like efficient heating or even heated floors can add a touch of luxury and comfort, setting your property apart in the market.

5. Smart Home Features

Smart Home

The rise of technology has led to increased demand for smart home features, and incorporating these into your property can make it alluring to potential tenants. Installing smart thermostats, which allow for efficient temperature control (a must in Syracuse’s variable climate), or smart security systems can enhance a property’s appeal, especially to a younger, more tech-savvy demographic. These features not only offer convenience but also potential cost savings and increased safety, all attractive qualities for potential renters.

6. Fresh Interior Paint

A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate the interior of a property, making it more appealing to potential tenants. Neutral colors like light grays, beiges, and whites can brighten up spaces during darker winter months and maintain a cool, airy feel in the summer. These colors also offer a blank canvas, allowing tenants to envision themselves in the space. Moreover, using high-quality, durable paint can minimize the need for frequent touch-ups, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

7. Flooring Improvements

Flooring is an often overlooked but critical aspect of a property’s appeal. In cities like Syracuse, where the weather can be harsh, the choice of flooring can impact both aesthetics and functionality. Hardwood floors are a timeless choice that adds warmth and elegance to any space. Alternatively, high-quality carpets in living areas can provide a cozy feel during cold winters. It’s important to choose durable, easy-to-clean materials that can withstand heavy foot traffic and the city’s seasonal changes. Good flooring not only enhances the look of the property but also suggests a level of quality and care that is attractive to tenants.

8. Energy-Efficient Lighting

Energy efficiency is a growing concern among tenants, and efficient lighting is a simple yet effective way to address this. LED lighting, for instance, is not only more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs but also lasts longer, reducing the need for replacements. Daylight hours can be short in the winter, which is when good lighting becomes particularly essential. Well-lit rooms feel larger and more inviting, a subtle factor that can make a significant difference in tenant perception. Additionally, consider installing dimmer switches or automated systems for added convenience and energy savings.

9. Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces can be an attractive feature, especially in cities where residents appreciate outdoor living during the warmer months. Simple improvements like well-maintained lawns, attractive landscaping, or functional patios can significantly enhance the appeal of your property. Outdoor furniture or features like fire pits can create inviting areas for relaxation and entertainment. For properties with limited space, even small balconies or terraces can be transformed with potted plants or comfortable seating, offering an additional living area and a connection to the outdoors.

10. Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is crucial in retaining good tenants and preserving the value of your property. In cities where the weather can take a toll on buildings, routine maintenance becomes even more important. Establishing a schedule for regular check-ups and repairs can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. Regular maintenance includes inspecting roofs and gutters, servicing heating systems, and ensuring that all safety features, like smoke detectors, are in working order. Keeping the property in top condition shows tenants that you care about their comfort and safety, fostering a positive landlord-tenant relationship.


A rental property requires significant investment initially if you want to reap the benefits of renting it out to good tenants. In a competitive market like Syracuse’s, standing out as a landlord is key to attracting and retaining quality tenants. By focusing on strategic home improvements such as those highlighted in this article, landlords can significantly increase their property’s appeal. These upgrades not only make the property more attractive to potential renters but also contribute to its overall value and longevity. Remember, investing in your property is investing in its future, ensuring a steady stream of interested, quality tenants for years to come.

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