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Texas Instruments’ DLP HDTV: The dual view TV

dual view hdtv

How often have you fought over taking control over the remote trying to watch your favorite programme on TV? These regular tussles will cease to occur, once you purchase the DLP HDTV from Texas Instruments.

Yes, it will allow you watch two different images on the same screen! This is a dual-view 3D high definition television with thicker projection. Mitsubishi and Samsung, as well, will soon have this new projection technology.

The 76-inch model allows you to pick up two High-Definition images simultaneously and with accurate precision.

You can watch them on the screen, where the images are separated by special 3D wireless glasses.

The immediate application of the dual view projection would be in video games, where two people are driving to compete with each other. They can not only keep their eyes fixed on their own vehicle, but can also keep a watch on their competitor’s car as well.

This is an incredible innovation without any doubt!

Source: cnet