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Thais Art by Blubleu-Lavish Whirlpool bathtub

beautiful jacuzzi2
From Blubleu here come the large whirlpool bathtub to give you the ultimate bathing experience. The Thais Art is a luxury bathtub that ensures to thrill your senses. Designed for two, the large bathtub flaunts the high aesthetic look in style besides blessing you with lavish treat, all this to make you feel proud of being the owner of one. The large square shapes bathtub measuring 235 by 215 cm. The cushions and headrests allow you to sit back and relax while you’re enveloped in water. Adding to it, there’s a storage space that enables you to store books, potions and lotions for that true spa experience. Check out more at Blubleu.

beautiful jacuzzi
beautiful jacuzzi3
Via: Trendir/Freshome