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The exclusive chair for football lovers

armchair football
This one is exclusively for football lovers-which include me as well. Imagine that you are watching your team’s match and you have nothing to worry. You are relaxing on a plush chair and you do not have to worry about stacking your drink and remote anywhere. Well, this unique ARMCHAIR FOOTBALL is something every football lover will love. This one is a relaxing cushioned armchair with a drink holder and with pockets to hold the remote and TV Guides. The drink holder is a cute stuffed football and is sturdy. This one is for £9.99. So, I guess it would find place in every football lover’s den. It really deserves to! Ahh, come on, doesn’t every one likes to just relax while watching his favorite game, without having to get up to place the remote in place or get a drink. This has everything you need.


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