The Facts, Pros, and Cons About Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar Shake Roofing

You just can’t miss the look of a wooden roof house which is surrounded by black asphalt rooftop houses. The look of old wood, old look of cedar shakes is unmatched in adding to the tasteful look of your home, in this way giving a characteristic look that both stands out and oozes a downplayed class. If you are weighing your choices for another rooftop, unquestionably think about a move up to cedar. This alternative isn’t for every house owner or each home, so you ought to consider the upsides and downsides, which we will layout later in this post. On the whole, an introduction on cedar:

Red cedar is the most famous type of wooden roof; however, different sorts of wood can be found on homes. Cedar rooftops may come in shakes or shingles, and there is a distinction. Shingles resemble, well, conventional shingles, yet shakes are shaped by being part from the wood as opposed to sawed. The outcome is a thicker, progressively tougher item that is not smooth and is uneven.

The shading and surface of a cedar shake rooftop fit superbly into a natural environment. After some time, the shake normally ages into a gleaming dim shading.

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The Pros

Cedar Shake RoofingCedar shake rooftops offer numerous advantages to the home and the owner. Here are the benefits of using this material from Legacy USA Service – one of the most trusted Doylestown roofing contractor:

  1. Energy Efficient: Cedar shake roofs are a mind-blowing protector, holding warmth throughout the winter. Yet, in addition to reflecting warmth throughout the late spring, it offers cooling (alongside your energy bill) isn’t going through the rooftop.
  2. Hail security: Traditional asphalt shingles can get hammered during a hailstorm; however, cedar won’t be damaged when pelted by pieces of ice.
  3. Long life: When appropriately kept up, cedar shake rooftops can last as long as 50 years.
  4. A three-dimensional look: Shingles actually are three-dimensional, yet they don’t look like it. Shake roofs carry a finished appearance that supplements pretty much any architectural style.
  5. Increased Home Prices: A cedar shake rooftop can give a lift to your home’s resale value. In addition, it just looks amazing to potential homebuyers—as they drive up to your home, the cedar may be the principal thing they see, hence giving them a positive impression of your home before they even go inside.
  6. Green effect: For environmentally aware homeowners, cedar shake roofs beat basically every other sort of rooftop as far as supportability, energy efficiency, and recyclability. Not at all like the artificially petroleum created asphalt shingles. Cedar, by comparison, is developed and collected from environmentally managed forests. Manufacturing shake roofs additionally requires fewer petroleum derivatives than a traditional shingle, just as metal or solid rooftop. What’s more, when a cedar shake rooftop arrives at the end of its life expectancy, it very well may be reused into wood chips, while black-top rooftops end up in a landfill.

The Negatives

Cedar Shake RoofingIn spite of the numerous favorable circumstances of cedar shake rooftops, there are a couple of admonitions you should know about. These cons include:

  1. Cost: Cedar shake rooftops are more costly than a standard asphalt rooftop. The green part of the shake adds to the expanded expense, just as the extra mastery required for installation. All things considered, this additional expense may be counterbalanced in both energy efficiency and increased home value.
  2. Extra maintenance: Homeowners with cedar shake rooftops must be proactive in keeping up their maintenance. The cedar requires that fresh air pass through it, so unnecessary leaves and branches must be cleared from the rooftop. Ice dams can harm the rooftop throughout the winter—and repairs, if not made rapidly, can bring about additional harm.
  3. Help from Expert: The normal contractual worker won’t be qualified to install cedar shake rooftop; however, it, in any case, should be introduced effectively. Look for a roofer with involvement with cedar so as to maintain a strategic distance from issues later.
  4. It needs the sun:  As you may figure, unreasonable dampness isn’t useful for a cedar shake rooftop. Snow is commonly unavoidable in winter, yet in the spring and summer, if the rooftop can’t sufficiently dry out in the sun, it can rot. In this way, cedar probably won’t be the best decision if, for the most part, it is in the shade of any huge trees on your property.

Your Roofing Decision

A considerable lot of the cons of a cedar shake rooftop can be overwhelmed with the correct contractual worker. On the off chance that you would like to give your home this wonderful redesign, look for a roofer that is knowledgeable and has enough experience in installing shakes, is likewise a specialist with maintenance and fixes, and will respond to your questions.

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