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Revolutionary ‘RolloRoof and GreenBox’ energy savers


Nowadays, energy preserving is a one of most bragging gainsays in the globe. Experts signified intentionally for a resolution that could trim down energy intake and ascertained a solution. The solution carry through a terrific fundamental principle that is cutting down blank space to bring down energy being used up. After coming up with this sort of basic idea, experts think of a product in reality to substantiate that resolution.

RolloRoof & GreenBox is a radical product from Farsad Ghaffarian, a web, desktop and mobile software intellect who patterns new thoughts to create product and software for enhancing people’s life.

Exploring the revolutionary RolloRoof and GreenBox

RolloRoof is a foldable see-through plastic roof that comes with the package for holding back a furled plastic with wishful axis. Additional component of RolloRoof is close to a bait that set up on inverse wall.

In a low temperature day, we could afford and elongate rolled plastic right over our head.

GreenBox is an elastic plastic box that can absorbi cold air from flooring and hold back in itself. Featuring two components; the lower stand which can be formed by whatever eccentric of plastic or stuffs. It is a loge that accommodates additional part and has a few hollows in the lower side. Component two is the major part of the GreenBox. It is a foldaway loge with a recoil that can be conceived by plastic or a trashy and an elastic nonconductor material.

In low temperature times, we can open up this box and it will be absorbing cold air from flooring and hold back that in itself.

Pros of RolloRoof and GreenBox

1. Both RolloRoof and GreenBox took shape of the plastic boxes so the plastic is being employed as a constructive stuff notwithstanding of being set free as drivel or pollutant in surroundings

2. This has the heat evolved in itself to maintain the room intimate and certainly does not demand any fuel ignition system therefore no Pollution at all.

3. It acts upon slightly based on the Green house effect precept.

4. The working principle of the GreenBox reduces cold air from blank space and brings down blank space of room and no pollutants got egressed.

5. It is carrying through the facet as ”energy saving” which is again need of the hour.

Cons of RolloRoof and GreenBox

1. In RolloRoof the plastic roof is see-through therefore the privateness element descends.

2. The blueprint is a bit composite.

3. May be a little unaffordable.

4. Both Rolloroof and Green box are exclusively for winter times alone.



greenbox installation

Via: Behance