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Kewb – The space saving, multifunctional furniture

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Even as property prices spiral northward, saving space becomes more pertinent in today’s urban world. And to do just that, we have the Kewb multifunction furniture which will let you use a single piece of furniture in four different ways. The Kewb comes in a cube shape and can be used as a work table. You can open the Kewb up and make it into a reclining chair for you to relax after a hard day’s work. Alternatively, how about using the small table that comes inside the Kewb as a coffee table? And if you are already impressed, wait for this one. You could even have a dinner around the Kewb using it’s cushions as seats and the main table as your dining table. We’ve seen such furniture being used in a couple of Japanese flicks. So, we think that the Kewb takes inspiration from Japanese furniture and to buy this very functional piece of furniture, you need to fork out GBP 319 here.

Via: furniturestoreblog

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