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Margarita Machine: The ultimate party machine

jimmy buffett margarita machine Vy7sZ 1333

Back in the day when I used to be a rebellious teen (which was like four years ago) I firmly believed that one could actually enjoy a party without a steady flow of booze. Of course that was before I discovered alcohol tolerance and that being the responsible, teetotaler, designated driver getting everyone home safely was not even half as much fun as being stinking drunk and dancing on top a police car without any shoes! Anywho, for those of you who love to work hard and party even harder, this swanky new margarita machine from Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is the next best thing to booze itself. The machine is designed in a way that even if you’re so drunk that you can barely tell find your nose on your own face, you’ll still be able to churn out a good drink. All you gotta do is feed the ice in the clear compartment on top of the pitcher, throw in the booze and watch in fascination as the gizmo shaves the ice to a steady consistency, drops in into the pitcher which takes it as a cue and fires away the blender. After two rounds of blending your drinks is ready to be served, or to be drunk out of the blender itself depending on the level of your drunkenness. And the morning after, the same machine can also help you make yourself soothing smoothies, sliders, and daiquiris to counter that whale of a hangover. With its brushed nickel, clear plastic ice container, and red trimmed pitcher, the gizmo is practically a piece of art which also makes it totally worth blowing $380 bucks on it.

Source: Furniture Store Blog