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These electronic quilts sense and respond to the environment

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Each of us know what electronic quilts are, right? Well, the answer is simple; the quilts that help you keep warm in those chilly winter nights. Then why am I here to write for something that is common these days. There’s a twist! Mouna Andraos has come up with electronic quilts that sense and respond to their environment. Blending traditional crafts and technology, these quilts use e-textiles and soft circuit construction methods. For now the Andraos has created three large electronic blankets that take inspiration by the Canadian winter. The graphic patterns you see on the quilts are silk-screened using photochromic inks that makes them appear during daylight and disappear at night. The quilts don’t looks plain and monotonous during night time. What happens is that by the evening, the graphic patterns get replaced with a pattern of flickering lights. Animated by the wind, the strips of conductive fabric trigger the lights and they get turned on. One of these quilts is an interactive gaming quilt with dangling mittens which are created using conductive fabric swatches. I just love these quilts and I’m sure by now you also are curious to get em’ home.

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Winter Quilts from missmoun on Vimeo.

Via: Fashioningtech