Things to consider when cutting trees in your backyard


Cutting trees in your backyard can easily be done with the right tools and procedures to do so.  For example something like the best rated chipper shredder could help. This is mostly done during the winter season. The tree to be cut back is mostly dormant during the winter season and is free from pests. Cutting trees during the winter season also ensures that your tree grows back to its full potential during the spring season. Here are some of the tips you should strictly consider when cutting back trees in your yard with a chainsaw:



Whenever you are handling or operating machines, safety should be your first priority. Safety in cutting back trees with a chainsaw covers a wide range of things: your safety from the chainsaw, the chainsaw safety from damage and the trees safety to avoid damaging or killing it. For safety purposes, you should ensure that you have the guidelines on how to use a chainsaw and equip yourself with the proper protective gear for the work.

Get the right chainsaw

There are different chainsaws in the marketing ranging from the gas-powered chainsaw for cutting medium to large trees to the battery-operated chainsaw for cutting down small trees. There are also electrically operated chainsaws that are connected to mains with a cord. For cutting back trees in your yard, a battery-operated chainsaw would be ideal for you. You can choose between a manual kit or an electrically operated device. Here is a list of 10 Best Chipper Shredders [ 2021 Reviews ] – BestOfMachinery. We suggest that you check them out so that you make an informed decision. There are several benefits and you can do chainsaw sharpener work and investing in it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Determine the fell path


Whether it is a small tree or a large one, before you start the chainsaw, you should know where the tree will fall. This is done as a precaution for your safety, those that are around you and also for your property. Determining a clear path to where the tree should fall is mostly dictated by the direction the tree leans to and the topography of the area. It is advisable that you have a second party to guide you. You can also tie a rope around the tree to direct it during falling.

Make the right notch

Once you have determined your fell path and escape route positions, it is now time to start the chainsaw. The chainsaw should be firmly held with both hands because it has a kickback. Make a small notch, about a third to the center of the tree, on the side you want the tree to fall. The notch is a guide to where your fell path will be. Ensure that you make the right notch depending on the size of the tree.

Make the back cut


The back cut is actually what falls the tree. The back cut is made on the other side of the notch starting from the side. Care should be taken to ensure that you make a clean cut and at the right angle. The essence of cutting back the tree is to ensure that it will blossom even better during the spring therefore care should be taken with the cut to avoid damage to the tree.

Cutting back trees in your yard has now been made easy for you. For more information contact professionals from ProGardenTips or log on to their site for more and experienced advice.

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