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Things You Must Buy When Planning to Take a House on Rent

by sanket nagulpalli

Are you planning to shift to a new city or take a better house for rent? Of course, that requires a lot of planning because you would not be able to carry everything from your previous house to the new one! Thus, budgeting for the essential items that you would need for a new house is important.

Preparing a budget for buying new stuff for your house might be time-consuming and obviously takes a few days. Thus, having a list of the items that you would require immediately after your shift might be helpful. Let’s consider you would be able to transport some of the expensive items like a fridge or an AC to your new location, but what about the items like carpet and sofas and your favorite study table? Were they probably provided by your landlord in the previous location? There’s quite a lot that you have to spend from your savings to get these!

Evidently, since there’s a lot that you need to spend while you shift to your new house, you should also opt for rental insurance. These insurance policies help you to get financial coverage if your property or expensive belongings are destroyed under various circumstances. You can look up various insurance covers and go through their policies to have a better understanding of what they cover, learn and know more from this source.

Essential buys for your rented house

There might be plenty of things that you would want to decorate your new rented house with. However, here are some of the inevitable things to buy for your house.

1. Kitchenware

Once you shift to your new house, one of the most primary things that you would need is your kitchenware. Of course, carrying your serving spoons, cooking pans, and other utensils is not a feasible option. Thus, you need to set up your kitchen so that you can cook a sumptuous meal for yourself and your family after a hectic day. As a result, you would need items like pans, knives, dishes, bowls, and spoons. These go for essential kitchenware. However, you would also require types of equipment like a microwave, a mixer and juicer, an oven, and a blender.

2. Essential furniture

If you are planning to take an unfurnished house on rent, it might look incomplete unless you fill it up with essential furniture. These include your work or study table, chairs, a dining table, and a carpet. Of course, you would like to decorate your new house so that it looks aesthetic and shows the efforts invested in it. Though these are the essential furniture, there’s a lot more than you can and would want to do when it comes to furnishing your house. For instance, you might want to get a woven carpet for your drawing room, curtains for your windows, and some lampshades to illuminate each of your rooms.

3. Bathroom supplies

While you get a house on rent, you would obviously receive basic pipelines and supplies like a shower or a tap. But there’s more that you need. These include essential items like soap cases, shower caps, hangers for your clothes, knobs, and hinges, and the like. Additionally, you can make your bathroom look better with better supplies for your shower or jet. Do not forget most houses do not provide you with a geyser and hence you would need that too.

4. First aid kits

One of the essential things that you should buy for your new house is a well-equipped first aid kit. Most people often forget to include this in their budget planning as they go for buying high-end products without considering the basics. A first aid kit should mandatorily contain band-aids, antiseptic creams, cotton, gauge, and a few essential medicines like paracetamols, antibiotics, and antiallergics. These help you in times of crisis. For instance, if you have a cut while working in your kitchen, you would be able to dress your wound yourself without rushing to a doctor or a medical store immediately.

5. Bedroom supplies

Of course, you would have a bed and a side table in your rented house. But is that all you need? People generally spend most of their budget and time in planning their bedroom and drawing room because these are the places where you relax. Thus, essential bedroom supplies include getting comfortable blankets for yourself, installing lampshades, a dressing table to deck yourself up, and most importantly, a wardrobe to stack your favorite clothes systematically.


Given above are a few of the most essential things that you need to include in your budget while you shift to a new rented house. Though you can always improvise on the items that you need to get, it is always better that you move in with the most essential items first and buy the rest bit by bit.

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