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TimeShade: Don’t just see the time, feel it too!

timeshade 2

The TimeShade clock by Yury Sysoev, unlike other timepieces available, today is a long case clock that lets you not just see the time but also feel it physically. With the rotating concentric disks instead of hour and minute hands, the wooden texture which when extends lets you know the time. At the noon time and midnight, the surfaces of hour and minute disks gel well with the body and form of the smooth surface thereby letting you easily make out as to what’s the time. On the other hand, at any other time of the day, hour and minute disks organize different relief mishmash with each other and the body too making the surface three-dimensional. Also, you can read the time by tactile sensing, touch the dial and feel the shape of the surface and position of the pointing grooves. Besides this, it allows you to feel the motion of the time physically. Read the time with your hands and sense the time flow. Now that’s truly nifty!


Thanks Yury Sysoev!