Toronto Drywall Repair: Everything You Should Know

Toronto Drywall Repair

It’s not easy finding a drywall company that’s willing to come fix my drywall, why is that?

There are even companies that advertise that they will come and fix your drywall but when you call they let you know that they will try and stop by on a Friday after their main job. If you’re in a hurry to have this fixed, this can be annoying and doesn’t feel like the service you were expecting.

Why do they do this?

We have all your answers right here

Drywall RepairTo have a taping or mudding company come and do a patch it requires many extra tools and compounds that the contractor doesn’t necessarily carry on a daily basis. Not only this, but tapers are used to being on a construction site, so they may not have the clean-up equipment needed either. And if that weren’t enough, you have to understand that not just any construction site taper has the right attitude to be client facing have proper communication and etiquette to take care of the client. So these jobs, usually get pushed to the end of the week and maybe even bailed on as the owner is exhausted by the end of the week.

So while these companies are more than capable of small patches, their companies are geared for large amounts of square footage per day. That is their forte.

For patching, a company will have not only equipment for smaller patches but also different compounds that set and harden much quicker than a premixed mud that is used on a typical construction site. If your typical mud were used, a technician would have to go to the home 5 times to complete a patch all the way to paint. No one can afford that kind of time or money.

What company to choose?

BEAUTIFUL WALLS AFETR REPAIRSPatchBoyz has been fixing people drywall, lathe and plaster and even stipple (popcorn) ceiling holes for years. Their Technicians are friendly and go to an average of 2 homes per day. Cleaning is a big part of a technician’s job, as they do not work on construction sites, usually.

Whether you’ve had a leak from the floor above or the roof in the spring, technicians can help. If the event was recent, ask for guidance by following the required steps to avoid mould buildup in your ceiling. Once things are dry the technician can repair or replace the drywall and bring the home back to perfect for you. These occurrences are quite common and not something to worry too much about.

Canada is famous for its harsh winters and the damages it can leave behind sometimes feel like a burden. Having a company such as PatchBoyz Toronto Drywall Repair in your back pocket can alleviate the scramble of what to do if a leak ever does occur. Of course if the leak is plumbing related, the first person to call is a Plumber. They will stop that leak and possibly even make a few more holes. Technicians can fix those too.

If you’re dealing with a moisture related drywall repair, the following steps can help:

  1. Find source of water
  2. Poke several holes to allow the water to drain into buckets
  3. Tear out existing drywall to provide plenty of air to the cavity above.
  4. 4 Point a fan (only if the leak is recent and you are certain there is no mould)
  5. Consider spraying some strong bleach into the cavity

Remember to turn off the fan and use eye and mouth protection if spraying bleach, gloves are also recommended. If you have any questions or need any clarification, don’t hesitate to call a professional technician for guidance. Advice is free at Patchboyz.

Fixing drywall in Toronto can be challenging for a company not prepared to deal with the landscape. We’ve divided the Greater Toronto Area GTA into several territories for you to try to get a technician to you in a reasonable time-frame. Sometimes these technicians can be in higher demand than normal as they keep up with the calls.

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