Transforming your interior space with accent pieces

Transforming your interior space

In music, an accent is stress or emphasis placed on a particular note, set of notes or chord. This accent is used to highlight a phrase in the music and is designed to work in unison with the whole piece of music. It is designed to give life to the piece and adds intrigue and drama. In interior design, an accent piece performs a very similar function. An accent piece of furniture is a piece of furniture that stands out but reinforces the aesthetic or “flavor” of a space. A well-placed accent piece should draw your eye but feel natural in its surroundings.

An accent piece can be anything, and it doesn’t have to perform a function other than to stand out and add interest and drama. Accent chairs are a prevalent choice, as they can transform the look of your space as well as add extra seating to your room. Accent chairs are an easy way to create interest without breaking the bank, but there are many other ways of making a statement.

Bringing your furniture to the center of attention 

Accent pieces should be used sparingly; after all, they are aimed to accentuate a design, not overpower it. If you want to dip your feet into the world of accents but are worried about buying the wrong thing, the entryway to your home is a great place to start. Small but interesting pieces like an antique coffee table are great for adding flair without overpowering the feel of your space or draining your funds. Small pieces like this can be used throughout your home. Look for unusual frames and textures that mesh with your existing aesthetic.

When shopping for accent pieces, it’s essential to activate your imagination and let your tastes take you. You could google accent chairs Australia, and I’m sure you would find a piece that you like, but where’s the fun in that? A statement piece should make a personal and thoughtful statement, don’t be afraid to get out and visit antique stores and swap meets.

Give your home unusual accent 

Any piece of furniture can serve as an accent piece and can have no practical function what so ever. A good way to make a statement is through a big “loud” piece of furniture. A vintage, unusual or imposing dining table is an excellent and practical addition your dining room while adding interest and drawing your guests eyes to your beautiful piece of furniture.

Accent chairs are also a straightforward way to add some life into a room. An accent chair with arms can not only transform your space in minutes but adds an extra seat for unexpected guests. When choosing an accent chair, pick something with an unusual shape, build material or fabric, and try to aim for something that contrasts but complements the rest of your furniture.

Add contrast to your décor

Ornate and decorative pieces like those from the Baroque period are incredible for adding a sculptural element to the usually flat and dull architecture of modern houses. If your home is filled with modern furniture, an antique piece can add some old-world charm and contrasts wonderfully with sleek lines and advanced materials of a new piece of furniture.

Adding a dramatic or imposing piece of furniture can bring elements from different times and cultures into your lounge room, as well as imprinting your personality in your space. Try and find contrasting colors and styles of furniture to complement your existing pieces. The addition of one statement piece can instantly transform your room. Getting started with accent pieces Is easy, get out there and see what you can discover!

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