Touchless Trash Can: Trash cans get hi-tech

trash cans get clever
Stepping on the little pedal on your trash can to open it to dump some trash could soon be history with the advent of the next-gen trash cans which have become more clever. The squeaky clean freaks amongst you might feel elated to hear this. Clean touch free trash can operation now becomes real. If you ask how, all courtesy an infrared sensor. The touchless trashcan has an infrared sensor that detects your presence if you are six inches near it and automatically opens it’s mouth, er.. cover to swallow all your garbage and closes soon after you get away. This trash can also looks well designed and stylish with a brushed steel exterior finish that won’t make it look like an eyesore when it adorns your backyard. The Trashcan also comes in a size that large enough to swallow 10,14 and 16 gallon garbage bags. The touchless trash can comes at $74.99 and you can get yourself one of these here.

Source: IT Rush

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