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User-friendly dishwasher by FAGOR BRANDT


Dishwashers are great help for cleaning of dishes after the meal. Indubitably, there is an amazing range of smart dishwashers available in the market but they ask for filling the racks and manipulating them according to the needs. FAGOR BRANDT has come up with a smart dishwasher that’s user friendly and space saving too!


What’s different? Designed by Stephanie, it’s a cool dishwasher that reduces the number of manipulation for cleaning of dishes and offers a better position to the user so as to make it user-friendly. It features a horizontal door that can be opened by the top, two racks separated by a watertight surface that makes it possible to wash them separately thereby saving save energy and water, handle to access to the lowest rack. Placed in a corner, it allows optimization of the kitchen space and looks smart too.



Thanks Stephanie!