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Vertical glitterbox chandelier – Stands out


In an age of innovation, creativity never fails to make an impression in every facet of lifestyle. Here is another. These architectural and gorgeous electronic stalactites are an eye-candy for the viewers. It can be set in a cozy bar or right at your home, the sheer glitter and glamour that it adds cannot be exaggerated. Designer Georg Badele should be appreciated for this out-of-the-box idea of a chandelier that expands not in width but in height. A product designed for Swarovski, it goes without saying that the embellishments are jazzy golden teak, peridot or clear colours.
Priced between $49,500 to $52,000, these dazzling pillars are sure to offer immense value for money and the colors are apt to make any room come alive.


Via: RoadsideScholar