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Victor Vetterlein’s UNITED Pendant Lamp makes a case for world peace

United Pendant Lamp

A few decades ago, Ellen Dissanayake published a book titled Homo Aestheticus: Where Art Comes From and Why. In her book, she explored the relationship between the creation of art and its necessity for humankind in the evolutionary sense. The theory basically stems from the Art for life’s sake phenomenon in modern art which looks to explore why it is important for humans to create art and that the act somehow serves as a means of dealing with a blitz of the existential angst that accompanies human consciousness. The UNITED Pendant Lamp by artist Victor Vetterlein seems to draw heavily from that point of view although the motivation behind it is a lot more socio-centric.

United Pendant Lamp

The design basically employs glass and rubber cylinders stacked together and used as a pendant light to symbolize the fusion of cultures in the world that maintain their individuality even in the global melting-pot existence of modern civilization.

Made of recycled glass and rubber, the lamp uses CFL or LED lighting as the inner translucent core that glows through the contrasting stacks and display the ideology of a united human consciousness binding together different cultures and backgrounds. In a world where artists are looking to express themselves, it’s nice to see creations that give expression to the sentiments of society at large.

Via: Moco Loco