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Watch your feet! It’s the Space Invaders doormat

Remember Space Invaders? It may be a simplistic game considering today’s gaming technology, but it is one of the most influential games ever created. Surprising enough, it is good to see a door mat including the space invaders in it. The space invader doormat is so good to keep in front of your door. It is the first thing that the visitors encounter on reaching your home.
space invaders door mat

It consists of a built in LED screen containing the animations of the space invaders. When someone places a foot on them, it starts blinking getting the attraction of the visitor. It indirectly sounds a caution to the visitors to wipe their foot before getting into the house. It needs two AA batteries to work and it is priced at a hefty $110. A French design product, which knocks the visitors right at their feet with its exclusive display. Its bit costly but still it takes a lot from you, more than your money to get a hand on it as it is selling like hot cakes.
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