Why Great Landscaping Is Critical When Selling Your Home


So, you’re selling your home. Congratulations – and good luck with the sales process! If your landscaping has seen better days, though, you may be wondering if you should invest in a new landscape before selling – or just wait until your home has sold, to let the new owners take care of it.

The latter option is appealing – but it’s not the right choice. Restoring your landscaping before you sell your home is a much better idea, for all of the reasons we’ll outline below!

1. Better Curb Appeal

Great-LandscapingCurb appeal is one of the most important things when selling a house. Arguably, it’s become even more important, as the internet has made it easier to browse home listing without even setting foot in a home, or driving by. If someone looks at your home and likes what they see, they’re likely to stop by for a visit or open house.

On the other hand, if someone sees photos of your house on the internet, and your yard is unruly and unkempt, they may never even give your home a second look – and they’ll move on to another house.

Curb appeal increases interest and home value, and decreases the time it takes to sell your home – and doing basic things like trimming shrubs, mowing lawns, and planting flowers can make a huge difference.

2. It Makes Your House Look More Well-Maintained

Potential home buyers are on the lookout for any sign that a home has been neglected in some way. Nobody wants to buy a house with faulty plumbing, an old roof, or other such issues that could have been prevented with regular maintenance.

So, think like a buyer. What indicates that a home has been cared for? What should you look for? Are you more likely to buy a home with wild weed growth and out-of-control bushes that are growing against the siding? Or a home with neatly-trimmed bushes and healthy grass?

You’ve already guessed the answer. Selling a home is all about impressions – and, even if you are a great homeowner and have poured plenty of money into renovations, maintenance, roof replacements and more, a shoddy landscape can still make potential buyers nervous.

3. You Can Stand Apart From The Pack

Great-LandscapingWe recommend that you do more than just match the landscapes of your neighbors. Sure, as long as your grass is green, your trees are trimmed, and your soil is mulched, your home will look fine.

But landscaping gives you a real opportunity to set yourself apart from the pack. Replacing a cement path with a stone walkway, adding a fountain, or building a new retaining wall can be just what you need to give your home that extra “pop,” bring in new buyers, and stand apart from your neighbors – and other home sellers.

4. You Can Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers

Landscaping isn’t just important in the front of the home. Although the facade is very important, the backyard is also a big deal.

You want your backyard to be well-maintained and groomed – and, if you think ahead, you can event install features that may make your home more appealing to buyers, such as:

  • A spacious patio
  • A pergola or sun shade
  • An outdoor kitchen
  • Fencing around the backyard to protect privacy, and for kids and pets
  • Water features

This is particularly important if you live in a climate where patios and the backyard will be in use for the majority of the year.

Invest In A High-Quality Landscape – And It Will Pay Off When You Sell Your Home!

perfect-landscape-designWhether you’re selling your home now, or you think you may be moving in the next several years, it’s worth investing in great landscaping.

Even just trimming your plants and putting in flowers, cleaning your patio, and taking other such basic steps will help quite a bit when it’s time to sell – and if you have the budget for it, completely revamping your landscape will add value to your home when it’s time to sell.

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