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Words of love and romance on Mondrian faucets

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Mario Bongio Srl., is a name for versatility in bathroom accessories. The product is an addition to the existing beautiful designs of its Aquaviva faucet collection. The two designs shown are being created so that to add variety to the collection. They are made up of stainless steel and have words engraved on it that are Italian and that too handwritten. This adds to the uniqueness of the product as the traditional and romantic words speak of love and emotions and the faucet is simple yet modern in shape.mondrian faucets 2

The famous Dutch abstract painter Piet Mondrian, has done this beautiful work of art. First of all he changed the shape in rectangular form and they are separated by thick black lines and with the Aquaviva’s black panel combined with all these, give a unique shape in perfect harmony. These faucets will completely change the look of your bathroom. Most of the customers would like to change the whole decor of their bathroom.