10 cool products to make tea preparation more enjoyable


Tea is the most favorite drink in the world. If you are a tea drinker your day will never start unless you have a steaming cup of tea early in the morning. It is rich in natural antioxidants and is also an instant energizer. The process of brewing the tea leaves, the filtration process and the method of preparation segregate the various varieties of tea.Technological advancement and creative minds of designers are at work in making your tea drinking experience more enticing. Thus some products have been designed keeping in mind the needs and the preferences of tea drinkers across the world.

Here are ten such innovative gadgets to add spark to your tea time:

1. The lazy teapot

tea kettle

If you are an ardent tea lover but hate the hassles of making your tea, the lazy teapot will be an useful product for you. Designer Lotte Alpert has come up with this unique idea of automatized kettle where a switch is reserved for boiling water and another regulates the duration you need to keep it warm as per your choice. Mounted on a base, it can be tilted when ready to give you your ready morning cup .

2. Penguin tea timer

Tea dispenser

If you think taking out the tea bag from warm water is always confusing for you and you never get the brew you want, get a Penguin Tea Timer. There is a self-timer fitted to the device that can work from 1 minute to 20 minutes. You need to set the time you prefer for brewing your tea leaves. The tea bag is to be hung onto the beak of the penguin and dipped inside the warm water. After the set time an alarm will ring and the gadget will take out the teabag itself. The offer price that has been set for it is $29.99.

3. Shark tea infuser


This product has been designed by a creative mind from Argentina, Pable Matteoda. The gadget has a steel upper case, with a protruding fin overhead, resembling a shark. The bottom part of the device is netted and removable. It is split opened to insert the tea leaves and closed again to let it float over warm water and create the perfect infusion without any insoluble deposition in your cup.

4. Sugar bubbles

sugar bubbles

Enjoy your leisure tea break with Sugar Bubbles designed by Erez Bar Am. Inspired by the art of having a slow motion tea session in Tea Ceremony, these sugar bubbles will float on the hot liquid for ten seconds, creating smaller bubbles as they dissolve gradually.

5. T Man Strainer

tea strainer

Designed by Jeewon Jung, this strainer looks like a human figure. All you have to do is to put in some tea leaves inside the case and close it again. Then dip the strainer inside your steaming cup of hot water an observe how nicely your tea gets brewed.

6.Tea Bag Coffin

tea bag coffin

The creativity of the product is in the design of the saucer of this crockery set. The saucer has a deep set impression of a tea bag. Every time your tea bag is used up and you are wondering where to throw it off, you can insert it inside this slot till you tea is finished and you finally discard the same.

7. Tea bag squeezer


This gadget helps you in squeezing out the last drop from your tea bag without burning your fingers in the process. Priced at $7, this gadget comes with a stainless steel squeezer and a place in the porcelain saucer to discard the used tea bag till the time you finish drinking your tea.

8. Stirring ball tea cup


This specially designed cup gives you the experience of drinking uniformly brewed tea. Most of the times, the tea leaves settle at the bottom of the cup, making the tea lighter at the top and deeper as you drink further. But in this case, the ceramic saucer is provided with a ball at the bottom that rotates as you drink tea from it and keeps on stirring your liquid in the process to give you an uniform blend.

9. Tea bag bin

tea bag bin

This stainless steel container has an elongated cylindrical shape and netted structure at the top. It can be mounted next to your kettle and all your used tea bags can be dumped inside it temporarily until you throw them away in the dustbin. Thus your kitchen remains clean.

10. Tea sub

tea sub

This gadget looks like a plastic toy. It makes a perfect infusion of your tea. It is provided with a food grade plastic, small cylindrical device with a string-like attachment. The leaves are to be inserted inside the device and dipped into the hot steaming water. After your preferred time remove it from your tea. Thus your infusion gets ready without the hassle of straining the leaves. It is your own reusable tea bag.

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