Vue and other spice racks ensures you get fresh spices each time you cook

Vue spice rack

Sneak a peek at the elegant space rack pictured above. Doesn’t it remind you of something? Yups, you guessed it right. Inspired by one of nature’s most elegant forms, the cocoon; Vue by James Kershaw aka JKersh is a a stylish space rack that incorporates individual grinders per spice to provide you fresh spices as far as possible. Each pod hanging from the wall mounted rack with a magnetic assisted hook helps guide the user when to put the pods away. Designed with the aim to make optimum use of counter top space in the kitchen, this space efficient stylish spice rack in any modern kitchen is surely gonna be a feather on its cap. Apart from this, let us check out some other innovative and simple spice racks for your kitchen.

Vue spice rackVue spice rackVue spice rackVia: Yankodesign

Liven up the kitchen with these stylishly useful spice racks

Cooking really becomes a chore when you literally have to dig out things from the mess. Searching spices while cooking in a cluttered kitchen turn out to be a difficult task. However, spice racks can help you to organize spice jars or bottles in the kitchen, so that you can get them easily when you need them. Here we have some amazing and unique spice racks that will not only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but also make the kitchen look spacious.

Bulbs or fabulous Spice Containers?

Bulbs or fabulous Spice ContainersActually both! Designers Annisa Fardan Nabila and Aulia Amanda Santoso have come up with a bright idea of transforming light bulbs to fabulous spice containers. I love such Innovative ideas that curtail trash and are eco-friendly. Elegant to look at, these delicate light bulb can add beauty and sophistication to kitchen;  its a seriously trendy and green idea. I am loving it, if you too are impressed.

Elelctrolux SpiceHood holds your spices/herbs smartly

Elelctrolux SpiceHoodHerbs and spices play an important role in making any dish yummy and bestow us with the dietary benefits too. One thing y’all have to agree with me on is that half of our time while cooking is wasted in searching for one or the other spices. Jonathan Assaraf for Electrolux designed a cool SpiceHood all set to make your search for the particular spice hassle-free. Incorporating the medicinal and flavor benefits of spices with the use of existing cooker hood technology, the spice hood makes for the ideal pick. Featuring an automated spice rack and integrated dispenser system, it helps plummet clutter around the kitchen. Now you don’t need copious shakers and containers around the kitchen holding various spices, it’s just one thing and you’re sorted!

It filters, recycles the extracted air from the cooking process like the dehumidifier condenses the moisture to keep spices in dry conditions. The automated system helps the user produce specific spice combinations, all with the help of recipes stored in the system or programmed by you. In addition, there is an integrated touch-sensitive display that showcases the SpiceHood database of spice information, an extensive library of recipes and suggestions for spice uses, information on spice origin, medicinal benefits of herbs and spices, thereby helping you adopt the healthier eating habits and definitely cook with ease.

Compliment your kitchen with Mago5 spice rack

Mago5 spice rackNew Mago 5 spice rack is the latest way to accolade your simple kitchen. The powerful magnetic spice-shelf makes use of world’s strongest magnet that has the capacity of lifting up-to 1000 times its own weight. This spice shelf is made from polypropylene with neodymium magnets.Designed by an award winning Canadian firm, OHM, Mago 5 has the capacity of holding five spices at a time. The size of the jars is large, and has the ability to clinch 120 ml.

The dimensions of this magnetic rack extends up to L13.5, W3, H4 (inches)/L34.5, W7.6, H10 (cm). On unscrewing the cap, wide mouth of the jars opens to pour out the spices. It can be fitted anywhere under the counters to make it reachable while one is cooking. If not enough, the kit comes with the labels of some common spices, already printed on the jars. On the whole, this functionally smart Mago5 spice rack compliments both traditional as well as modern kitchens.

Some more ideas for you

Steel rack

Steel rackThis amazing stain less steel rack will not only add a metallic look to your kitchen but can also help you to organize spices. You can store dozens of spice bottles in this revolving rack. This spice rack comes with no front column that makes it easy to use without any hurdle in the front. These types of racks are easy to load and unload, and thus, save your time in the kitchen. Easy to clean, the compact design of the rack makes it more flexible, as you can place it anywhere in the kitchen.

Wooden rack

Wooden rackAdding wooden spice rack can maximize space in a small kitchen. This type of rack can enhance the beauty of your kitchen and make your kitchen look organized. Available in different shapes and sizes at reasonable prices, these racks can hold up to thirty spice bottles in an organized manner, so that you can find them without wasting any time. You can also go for laminated spice holders, as they are comparatively durable and easy to clean.

Concrete racks

Concrete racksConcrete is one of the finest materials used in home décor for centuries. The fine finish and durability makes it a practical choice for kitchen. Spice racks made from concrete can be a great option to maximize kitchen space and make it look organized. You can also make it on your own at your home but it can be very tricky. Therefore, it would be better to go for readymade racks. These racks not only enhance the beauty of your house but also help you organize your kitchen.

Detachable racks

Detachable racksDetachable racks are another space saving furniture option for modern kitchen. They can serve you in multiple ways, as you can attach or detach extra rows and columns according to your requirement. You can place these racks in any corer and can clean them in dishwasher as well. The rack comes featured with extra hooks and loops where you can place small utensils like spoon and cups. Detachable racks are best for small places and kitchens, as they can work like a gadget and add extra space to your kitchen.

Invisible racks

Invisible racksInvisible racks are a result of technology and are a good option for highly advanced kitchen. Hiding elegantly in the countertop, these racks gives an illusion of invisible racks. You just need to switch the button to make the rack come up when you need it while cooking.

Trash to rack

Trash to rackYou need not to spend on spice racks as you can create them with the help of waste material. You can use old or useless wooden or iron piece and can convert it into a spice rack. Adding attractive colors can help you to make it look beautiful. Moreover, you can add a small kitchen garden to it that will bring freshness or greenery to your kitchen.

Small spice racks are useful than they seem; as they can organize the clutter on the countertop and add extra space to your kitchen. You can also create spice rack or spice bottle holder on your own using waste or old material.

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