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10 Coziest bath tub mats

bath tub mats

A bath tub mat is a very essential requirement for every bathroom with a bath tub. The materials used in creating the bath tub mats may differ but the main concern remains to be your safety. It makes you feel good and cozy and helps you relax in your bathtub. The soft feeling of the mat just below your feet is heavenly and allows you the comfort you had always wished for. At the same time, the mat is also preventing you from slipping and falling under the shower when the surface of the tub seems to become very slippery. Below is a list of 10 of the best and the coziest bath tub mats for your knowledge and reference.

1. Ginsey Aquatouch Rubber Tub Mat

Price: $17.99

Rubber Tub Mat

The Ginsey Aquatouch Rubber Tub Mat is one of the finest Tub Mat available in the market today. It is made purely from natural rubber and is fully free from the polluting PVC and Latex. The natural rubber feels really nice when you step on the mat. The small contours of the mat that are designed to give you a really relaxing sensation when you are standing on it right before or after your shower, are really the most relaxing for you after a hard days work when you step into the shower. The feeling is really nice and allows you to have sort of foot massage while you are taking the shower. Even if you are not taking a shower, standing on the mat would be really nice for you, unless you have very sensitive feet. The surface of the mat is lined with suction cups that prevent you from skidding. The mat also looks really cool in the bathroom and enhances its looks.


The USP of this mat lies in the fact that it is very comfortable, looks good and keeps you from slipping.


1. The suction cups hold to your feet and prevent you from slipping.

2. The mat is very cool to look at and enhances the looks of your bathroom.

3. The mat is made from pure rubber and is purely natural and eco friendly.

2. Natural Bamboo Step Mat

Price: $12.65

Bamboo Step Mat

The Natural Bamboo Step Mat is one of the mats to step on when under the shower. The mat is made from the finest quality of natural bamboo bordered with matching fabrics and a durable backing that would last a really long time in your bathroom. It is easy to clean and dry and offers you the great natural feeling of its uneven contours under your feet. It is fully water resistant and can be easily put at any place you desire. The mat weighs 1.9 pounds and comes in the dimensions of 21” x 34”. Apart from placing this mat in your bathroom, you may also use it in other places in your home, to add a ‘natural’ feeling to the interiors of your home.


The USP of this mat is that it is made from pure Bamboo sticks and is perfectly natural and comfortable to put your feet on while under the shower.


1. It is made from natural bamboo, held together by matching fabrics and durable backing.

2. It is fully waterproof and hence would last really long even on extensive use in your bathroom.

3. It is very cool to look at and can also be used outside your bathroom if you so desire.

3. Kikkerland Dance Steps Natural Rubber Bath Mat

Price: $12.99

Dance Steps Bath Mat

This is one really cute little bath mat that would add a lot of visual appeal to your bathroom and you would simply love stepping on it. It has a really good grip on the floor because of its powerful suction cups and would not allow you to slip while taking shower or on the wet floor. The Dance Steps are very cool to step on and can provide for a bathroom game for you and your kids to have fun with. The mat is made from natural rubber that is very eco friendly and fully recyclable and does not include any harmful or unnatural materials like PVC or Latex. The rubber used in this mat is resistant to mildew and very durable. The mat weighs 1.8 pounds and measures a good 27” x15” and can be placed anywhere you like.


The natural mildew resistant rubber and its funky cute looks form the USP of this mat.


1. It is made from natural rubber that is very durable and easily recyclable.

2. The mat is fully mildew resistant and easy to clean.

3. Its suction cups are very powerful and prevent your slipping on the wet bathroom floor.

4. Ultimate Bath Mat

Price: $14.99

Ultimate Bath Mat

This is one bath tub mat that would give you the complete satisfaction of having a great feel and its powerful suction cups would give you a perfect grip on the floor. Equipped with about 200 powerful suction cups, this soft mat allows you to take your shower free from worries that you might slip in the bath tub. It is very comfortable and looks good on the tub floor. The powerful suction cups provided in the mat prevent it from even shifting or sliding to give you the perfect grip without any risk of falling. It is available in a cool soft blue color, which is very cool to look at. The material used in the making of this mat is bacteria resistant vinyl that resists mildew and bad odor. The mat is machine washable so you need not get your hands dirty in washing it. Its contoured edges along with the drain cut out center, make it a perfect fit for bathtubs.


The USP of this bath mat lies in its comfortable pedestal suction cups that number up to 200, to provide a slip free grip to the tub floor and give you a perfect grip by providing an air cushion between the mat’s bottom and the floor.


1. It features over 200 powerful suction cups that hold it in place.

2. Its material is antibacterial and mildew resistant.

3. It is machine washable and hence very easy to clean.

5. Heavy Duty Tub Mat

Price: $12.99

Heavy Duty Tub Mat

The heavy duty Tub Mat is made to last longer that your normal other mats. It features extra powerful suction cups that keep it perfectly in place while you are taking your shower on your bath tub, making it very safe by preventing you from slipping. The grip between the mat and the tub floor is amazing and it does not even shift an inch while you are standing on it. It is available in white shade and is a powerful tub mat to have in your bath tub. The grip between the mat’s bottom surface and the tub floor is enhanced due to the presence of air pockets which grip the mat really firmly. It is especially useful in cases when you are in hurry, and doing things very fast, thereby increasing your chances of slipping without the perfect grip of this mat.


The USP of this mat lies in the powerful grip it provides between the tub floor and its lower surface to prevent any accidental slip.


1. It is very durable and long lasting.

2. It is easy to clean and resists the growth of bacteria and moulds.

3. It has strong suction cups to prevent any accidental slips.

6. Rubber Bath Tub Mat – Large – 18″ x 36″

Price: $6.99

Rubber Bath Tub Mat

This is one mat specially created for all those who prefer to have simplicity in their lives and have a simple taste. This Rubber Bath Tub Mat is large enough to fit easily into your bath tub but can also, if you so desire, be used in other areas of your bathroom. The mat is available in white or bone color, which has universal appeal and matches any bathroom décor with ease. The mat is fully equipped with powerful suction caps that hold it in place and prevent slipping and sliding of the mat. The texture of the mat is really great to look at and the feel beneath your feet is simply amazing, as it you were being given a light massage. It is fully machine washable and is known to last really long. The mat size is 36” x 18” and it is made from high grade natural rubber.


The USP of this mat lies in its simplicity. It has a simple plain design and is very effective in the bathroom.


1. It has a very simple structure and design, and is specially made for those who have simple tastes.

2. It is very effective and prevents any accidental slipping.

3. It is made from high grade rubber and can be machine washed with ease.

7. Pebble Bath Mat

Price: $13.99

Pebble Bath Mat

This Graphite Gray colored Pebble Mat is made from high quality vinyl rubber and is textured to resemble small pebbles held together. It is fully textured, slip resistant and measures 13 ¾” x 26 ½” to fit in any bath tub. Its distinct design makes it very complimentary to your bathroom’s interiors. The mat is fully slip resistant and bears really powerful suction cups. The feel of the mat under your feet is also nice and comfortable. The mat is very durable and easy to clean and even resists the growth of moulds and mildew.


The USP of this mat lies in its unique pebble structure and styling that it brings to your bathroom.


1. It is very cool to look at and enhances your bathroom’s visual appeal.

2. It is very durable and made from vinyl rubber that can be easily machine washed.

3. It possesses very powerful suction cups to prevent any accidents from happening.

8. Ringspun Microcotton Bath Mat

Price: $34.95

Microcotton Bath Mat

The Ringspun Microcotton Bath Mat is known to be a very fast and good absorber of water and moisture from the floor, thus reducing the level of wetness of the floor. The best feature of this mat is that in spite of absorbing it dries up very quickly. The feeling of this mat is much softer that the others that you may have come across, and the best thing about this mat is that with every wash it becomes even softer than before. The mat measures 20” x 34” amd is ideal to be used anywhere in the bathroom.


The USP of this mat is its super soft feel and fast absorbing and drying capacity.


1. It is made from micro cotton and very soft.

2. It is one of the fastest to absorb water and also very quick to dry.

3. It can be used in your bath tub or any other place in your bathroom.

9. Home source International Microcotton Luxury Tub Mat

Price: $24.99

Microcotton Luxury Tub Mat

This Micro Cotton towel cum tub mat is a very fast absorber of water and also has the reputation of drying up very quickly. It is perfect to keep your bath tub dry after a shower or tub bath. It is made from 100 percent ring-spun, combined cotton and measures 20” x 34.5”. The mat can be ordered in any color of your choosing and would prove to be a great addition to your bathroom’s Luxury Collection.


The mat is made from 100 percent pure ring-spun and combined cotton absorbs water very quickly and is very easy to clean.


1. The mat is made from pure combined cotton.

2. It absorbs water very fast, and is very easy to wash in the washing machine.

3. It would add to your Luxury Collection in the bathroom.

10. Crocod’il Solid Tub mat

Price: $24.00

Crocod'il Tub mat

The Crocod’il Solid Tub Mat is available in 13 different colors and is a great asset to have in your bathroom as it would not just provide utility as the tub mat but would also add to the interiors of your bathroom. The mat can be used to absorb the excess water left on the tub floor to keep it dry and clean. The material of the mat is cotton that is fully resistant of moulds and bacterial infections and can be easily washed in the washing machine.


The USP of this tub mat is that is available in a wide range of colors, so you may choose the one that suits your bathroom’s interiors.


1. It is made from durable cotton material.

2. It is available in many colors to choose from.

3. It is very easy to clean in the washing machine.