10 creative ice cube trays to keep you cool

Creative Ice Cube Trays

Come summer and we are in a mad rush to keep our body cool. This is the time when we need ice cubes in great numbers. Many of us are so used to the cubic shape of ice cubes and have never thought about getting more creative there. Here is a chance to enjoy some curious shapes of ice while you gaze at the melting structures that offer so much cool and relaxation to your heated spirits!

1. AK bullet ice cube

AK Bullet Ice Cube Tray

If you think it’s time to give a thrilling evening full of horror and fun to your guests, here’s a chance to shock them with your ice cubes. The AK bullet ice cube tray allows you to create AK bullets that look so real that your guests are immediately impressed and kept engaged. Break the ice with these threatening cubes and make way for a beautiful get-together.

2. Tipsy toes ice cube tray

Tipsy Toes Ice Cube Tray

These cute and blazing red high heels almost look like they can be worn or placed in the shelf as a showpiece. Your amazement doubles when you hear that they are actually ice cubes! They are freezable and reusable. Put them into a pint of beer or a glass of cold drink and see how they dip their toes and create a fresh and cool drink that can take away all your summer woes. Comes in food safe colors and is filled with distilled water. Available in pack of six.

3. Ice invaders ice cube tray

Ice Invaders Ice Cube Tray

Great for reminiscing your old school days where you loved gamers and space invaders, the ice invader ice cube tray does just that. Transports you to a world of icy cool invaders in all shapes and sizes. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, a single tray can make 24 space invaders with which you can play a game of war and peace.

4. LEGO ice cubes

LEGO Ice Cubes

The LEGO bricks are sure part of your childhood memories. It is with these building blocks that we learnt to step ahead in life and build castles that we dreamt to make in real life. If LEGO has made an undeniable mark in your mind, create the LEGO magic with these trays that can make the classic brick shapes effortlessly and to your utter joy!

5. Guitar ice cube tray

Guitar Ice Cube Tray

A simple ice cube tray for fans of instrumental music or for musicians who would love to fill the air with rhythms and melodies wherever and whatever they do. The guitar ice cubes come with a guitar string and plank which remains fixed to the ice cube so that you can create a classic guitar ice cube that looks so real that you are fascinated beyond doubt!

6. Jewels ice cube tray

Jewels Ice Cube Tray

Perfect for a kitty party where women come adorned in their best attire and flaunt jewels in all sizes and shapes. The jewels ice cubes show them that they can match up to all that sparkle and glitter and pop the ladies’ eye out of their sockets in wonder and glee. Slide them into your much loved iced tea or a cocktail and see they outshine all the glamor and glitter that is all around. The Jewels ice cube tray comes in flexible material that is very durable and food grade. Stock them up in your fridge to dazzle your friends at the party.

7. Ice princess ice cube tray

Ice Princess Ice Cube Tray

Carved out of fairy tales, this unique ice cube tray creates magic wands that you can swish around your drinks and it comes with sparkling straws that gets attached to the star shaped magic wand when the ice is created. Made of silicone material that is food grade, the ice princess ice cubes are great accessories for a kid’s birthday party. Let your princess weave magic around her friends and grant all their wishes by swishing the sparkling wand in the air.

8. Titanic ice cube tray

Titanic Ice Cube Tray

With four cutely shaped ocean liners and 4 icebergs that can spell hell for these ships, the titanic ice cubes are fun ways to have your gin, vodka, beer or whisky. Just slither your ocean liner into the glass in a slanting position and drop an iceberg nearby. There! You have replicated the tragedy that shook the whole world years ago and still continue to do so. Comes in individual and peggable boxes that can be recycled. Create as many ocean liners and ice bergs to keep the magic and enthrall going until the party is over.

9. Bone chillers ice cube tray

Bone Chillers Ice Cube Tray

Looking at a scary Halloween party or a theme party where you want to create a spine chilling back drop for your guests? The bone chillers ice cube tray adds that special touch to your theme party with an assortment of skulls, bones and more of them. Spill them out in great numbers from your refrigerator and silence your guest with a numbing drink that can tingle their brain and freeze their spirits. Best for a night party to create that ultimate effect.

10. Alphabet ice cube tray

Alphabet Ice Cube Tray

Finally, your kids should get to enjoy the fun too. Whether it is for teaching or for conducting a kid’s party, the alphabet ice cube trays are mom’s best friends where she can create alphabets of your kid’s choice and teach him/her in the process as well. A wonderful way to pep up a kid’s party where the kids can go on a spelling spree or call out the names of the alphabets as you slide them out of the tray and fill their drinks. Probably a novel way for teachers to teach alphabets and words to the kids!

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