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10 Home gizmos for the lazy souls

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For those of you, who don’t like moving around much, or prefer having the luxuries of life to be served to you, here are some devices you could look forward to.

1) Remote controlled massage chair

This is a massage chair for all those who would like controlling a number of activities, but at the same time relax and take things easy. This chair features massaging options for the hip, thigh and the calves, with various degrees of intensity and width. The speed of the massager too is re-adjustable. There is an LED control panel, which helps you control a series of activities, at the touch of a few buttons, including the positioning of the seat and the backrest. To get this chair, you would have to dole out $1657 plus taxes.


2) Pillow remote control

We have all faced situations where there is somebody at the door and we are watching our favorite flick on TV or home theater. When we begin to look for the remote, it simply seems to have vanished amongst the cushions! Well, this situation is going to be history soon. Brookestone has come up with a series of fabric cushions, which double up as your remote control for a variety of home devices. Other than being a super-comfy cushion which you can relax with, it has in-built codes for 500 electronic devices, including your regular TV or Home Theater.
To get hold of one of these, you would need to shell out approx $30.

pillow remote control

3) Flickering LED remote-controlled candle

When you invite the special someone to your home, or simply create a relaxing ambiance at your place, you would most probably use candles. Other than the dreamy ambiance it creates, come the molten messy wax on your furniture, and the danger of setting something a blaze. Now, that’s all set to set with the introduction of Led remote controlled, flickering candles! These candles which operate on AA batteries, gives the same sort of light like the real ones, with the flickering effect too! Controlled by the remote, they can be switched on and off at ease. Also due to the durability, you do not have to buy a fresh set every time. These elegant things come at a price tag of $40.

flickering led remote controlled candle

4) Robot vacuum cleaner

You are at work or simply out of your house for some purpose and you suddenly learn that the house guests are coming over, for the long due party. Sounds familiar? Chinavision has come up with this vacuum cleaner, which one can use by simply logging online and cleaning homes or other personal spaces, through remote control. Equipped with a roving camera and an infrared device, this vacuum cleaner sucks up the dirt from even the remote places and without you having to stay there physically! This useful device should cost you around $500 in the market, but should cost less as sales go up.

chinavasion g182 robot vacuum cleaner

5) Wireless grilling thermometer

I remember the time when I had my house-warming party with all the guests over, but always complained to have never really me around during the party! How could I join the chit-chatter with the stakes on the grill? Brookstone then came to my rescue, with its wireless grilling thermometer. Controlled with the help of a remote control, all you need to do is stick in probe on the meat you have to cook, set the temperature at which you would like to have it cooked, and put it on the grill. When the cooking is over, the alarm goes off and what you have is a perfect piece of grilled meat, without having to lose out on the conversation going on inside. This thermometer should cost the buyer around $70 from Brookstone.

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6) Remote Controlled Kitchen

Home automation has been in demand ever since people gotten into the multi-tasking mode, even at home. Apart from occasional wonders like the internet refrigerator, the choices have been few and prices have been insane. Anvil Motion brings in this special kitchen management system, where is controlled by the help of an LED remote and performs multiple functions at the same time! With cupboards, ovens and glass cases opening vertically in perfect unison this kitchen management system allows the busy chef, ample space and room to do multiple tasks without compromising on space.


7) Remote control swinging doors

There could be automated home cleaners, washing machine, cooking devices, but there seems to be no answer to the problem of closed doors which have to be opened manually. Available from smart home, this automated door opener can be operated with the help of a remote from a reasonable distance. The door opener is attached on the door itself and with the flick of a switch, the doors can be opened or closed without doing so manually, otherwise.


8) Air Dryer Shower

Smelly, moist bathroom with a mess of towels everywhere-all too familiar, isn’t? Well, Triton has the solution with its air based drying system.
Resembling a giant shower, this device helps you dry yourself without the use of a towel, which cuts down on the laundry. In the months, when the bathroom remains too cold, a flick of a switch on the remote will ensure that your bathroom becomes comfortable for your use. Other benefits include better hygienic conditions, economical cost of usage (less than 1c a minute) and less dampness all around the bathroom. So, just relax and have a nice shower! But yes, also be prepared to shell out a bomb for this.

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9) Remote controlled fireplace

With the older fireplaces, one could recall the choked chimneys, partial heating and of course, the wood chopping. The rotating fireplace by Sparthem, comes with a stylish option to keep you warm with the new rotating fire place. Like most high end devices, this fireplace comes with a remote control, which helps in turning and adjusting the fire as per convenience. Termed as the ‘diva’, it has 2 sides open which it provides a even amount of heat in all parts of the room, other than looking sleek and smart wherever placed.

functional rotating fireplace by spartherm

10) Remote-controlled up and down lounge sofa

For those days, when you snooze off without really noticing or are too lazy to move around, the new remote controlled couch-cum-bed from designers Ammannati and Vitelli is here to serve you. Based on a steel frame, this furniture has the capability to accommodate the user in both forms of its functions (couch and bed) and has support on sides, preventing one from falling on either sides. A fine soft leather forms the covering of the furniture, which makes it very comfortable to use. To ensure maximum convenience, this device is controlled by a remote attached to the side.

chaise lounge sofa bed 2