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10 must have tools for household handyman

10 must have tools for household handyman

A man at home is not just a man, but also a handyman! Most men have a particular set of tools as an essential part of their household to take care of the maintenance or to indulge themselves in ‘do it yourself’ projects. Whatever the reason be, these tools can come out to be very handy and helpful in various tactful situations. Mostly, people manage to take care of their tasks with a set of 10-15 important tools, which are ought to be found in almost every household. In case you’re planning to set up your own tool kit, here is a list of some important ones


1) Adjustable Wrench: Commonly known as an adjustable spanner or a bacho, this tool has a jaw like structure with an adjustable width. It is used for loosening or tightening different sizes of fastener heads like nuts, bolts etc.

2) Circular Saw: Nowadays, handsaw has become a clutter with the advent of the circular saw. This machine uses a circular metal cutting disc or blade to perform the task. It can be table mounted or handheld according to the nature of the work and is mostly powered by electricity.

3) Drill and Drill Bits: This is a very common household tool, as they effectually help in drilling holes for various requirements. It is basically a tool fitted with a driving tool attachment, such as a drill bit for drilling holes.

4) Hammer: A hammer is used to deliver a sway or a blow to an object. It is mostly used to drive and pull nails, breaking objects and forge metals. There are several varieties of hammers available in the market but the most useful one for normal uses is the claw hammer because it has a claw like structure to pull out nails too.

5) Level: Every fitting or restoration that you do require leveling. So you need not to buy very costly levels for your household works, as any type of levels displaying both the horizontal and vertical leveling correctly is good to go for your domestic needs.

6) Pliers: Lineman’s pliers or combination pliers are the most commonly used pliers that are used to firmly hold objects or to manipulate them by applying pressure. This instrument turns out to be handy in day-to-day lives.

7) Screwdriver kits: The kits consisting of a number of screwdrivers are very essential to fix day-to-day household equipment or kitchen appliances or electrical gadgets. The most common and must to have screwdrivers are, Point 1 & 2 each of Phillips, 4” and 6” each of slotted ones along with an eyeglass screwdriver kit.

8) Tin Snips: This instrument is used to cut metal sheets and other tough webs. It is commonly used for cutting wires and plastics in most of the houses.

9) Tape Measure: A 12 to 16 foot retractable measuring tape does it all for most of your household jobs. Always try to get a bigger tape, as the smaller ones are not that useful.

10) Utility Knife: This type of knife is used for safety cutting purposes like that of cutting ropes and cardboards. Since these knives are very sharp they required to be handled cautiously.

Always make sure to have a nice and strong classic toolbox, in which you can fit all your tools. It should have a strong latch so that you can easily transport it wherever you want. You can also have a toolbox with wheels and retractable handle so that they can even be pushed like a trolley whenever required.