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10 trendy outdoor fire pits for your terrace or garden

Outdoor fire pits

Outdoor fire pits are catching up on popularity, thanks to people’s interest in outdoor activities even during the winter season. The humble firewood has changed its form and now we have a medley of beautiful shapes and patterns to choose from.

There are two types of fire pits; the ones which work on gas and others that use wood as fuel. Both have their own advantages. Mentioned below are some trendy fire pits for gracing your garden or terrace. While natural firewood is preferred by many because of their natural experience, fire pits that work on gas too are very popular.

1. Arte Puro Sunset fire pit

Arte Puro Sunset firepit

The sunset fire pit, created by Arte Puro is made by combining stainless steel and pained steel. They look very elegant and sophisticated and create the look of a pan on top of a fireplace. They are lightweight with just around 19 kgs and hence can be carried around while you travel as well. As it works on wood, it looks very natural and one can enjoy a breezy evening out with the sound of crackling wood and fire in your ears. Arte Puro Sunset fire pits are available for € 335.

2. Gas Fire Pits

Gas Fire Pits

As party goers are increasing, gas fire pits too are catching on popularity, as they can be installed with great safety both inside and outside the house to create a very cozy atmosphere while you party and dance. They look very beautiful inside contemporary homes and are also good for small houses, balconies and patios. The Squarestar Gas Fire pit is created by heavyweight fiber concrete and has a stainless steel burner tray. Gas cartridges are used in the fire pit to offer the warmth and light to the surroundings. The construction comes with a lid to keep the burner covered and hence can double up as a garden table as well. Contemporary Squarestar Gas Fire pits come for £ 295.

3. Unnamed Fire Pit from Solus Decor

Unnamed Fire Pit from Solus Decor

The Halo Fire Pit is a modernistic version of campfire which we were so used to during olden times. Created with very smooth and high performance concrete material, the fire is kindled in a dip in the middle of the square concrete structure. It is powered by a 40,000 BTU natural gas or a propane burner which is lit manually. It comes with lava rock topping as well.

4. Springfield Fire Pit

Springfield Fire Pit

The Springfield fire pit is an easy-to-set up outdoor fireplace, where you can sit around and enjoy the warmth that is hidden on a chilly night. With a porcelain tile surface in natural and rustic patterns, they have a storage underneath to keep your beverage bottles. The base of the fire pit is made of aluminum and fiber glass. It also has a steel bowl which is non corroding and stainless steel component. The entire structure comes complete with lava rocks and ceramic logs and can be entirely yours for $ 999.

5. Propane firepit cocktail table

Propane firepit cocktail table

Multifunctional gadgets are always welcomed with open arms as besides being very functional, they save a lot of space. Here is a fire pit that can also double up as a cocktail table when not in use. The Propane fire pit cocktail table can be used for cooking your favorite barbecues on a cold wintry night. It can burn for two hours with 16.4 oz propane cylinders that are also smoke free. The burner can be lighted with the push of a button and when the fire pit is not in use, all you need to do in order to transform it to a cocktail table, is to fix the granite center piece into the middle section. The fire pit comes for $ 399.95.

6. Personalized Fire Pit

Personalized Fire Pit

The personalized fire pit is a romantic fire pit which is entirely handcrafted and the highly romantic ones can etch messages of love on the fire pit while on an enthralling night out with your beloved. The drum sized fire pit is placed on a Computer Numeric Control plasma cutter for etching the characters and a steel wire mesh is welded into the holes etched, in order to prevent the fire from escaping out.

7. Granite Fire Pit

Granite Fire Pit

Produced by Stone Forest, is a great outdoor fire pit that offers character to your outdoor environment. All carved out exclusively from granite, these natural stone pits come in varied shapes and colors to suit individual tastes. As they are made of natural materials, they exude great warmth and provide a cozy atmosphere for the revelers.

8. Bowl O’ Fire outdoor fire pit

Bowl O' Fire outdoor fire pit

The Bowl O’Fire outdoor fire pit is a beautiful fire pit created by designer John T Unger. Made of recycled steel, they come with exquisite hand cut flame patterns at the rim which look magnificent when a fire is lit. Even when they are not in use, they look entirely beautiful with their sculptural beauty and create a stunning focal point to the exteriors they grace. It comes for $ 998.

9. Outdoor fire pit with mosaic top

Outdoor fire pit with mosaic top

This circular marble and slate fire pit looks like a beautiful center table. It has a mosaic top that looks very rustic and in line with nature. They are maintenance-free as they are made of marble and can withstand all weather. The gas fire pits too are low maintenance and weather proof. The resin base is rustproof and fiber glass reinforced. It comes for $1500.

10. Circular Fire Pit

Circular Fire Pit

A welcome change from the traditional, angular fire pits, this circular fire pit fits spaces which are sophisticated and a tad bit different from the traditional. They look equally stunning when they are lit or otherwise. They come with holes at the sides and the top center and look very beautiful as an accent piece as well.

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