10 unique staircase designs for your home

Sculptural staircase

How often have you thought that the staircase in your home could be really interesting and unique and make your guests gaze at it in wonder? Even when it comes to remodeling your house or apartment, staircases have always been neglected and left alone. Not anymore. By implementing some innovative and ingenious design concepts, your staircases might as well be the stunning centerpiece in your home. Read on to know about the most unique designs for your staircase.

1. Sculptural Staircase

Without a doubt, the sculptural staircase is one of the most unique ones. Steel steps, styled as those in a private submarine, curved rails and a helical core make for an absolute beautiful design. Looking up or down the stairs you’ll see a series of spirals within one another, smooth railings alternating with metal steps which create a wondrous effect in unison.

2. Elegant Spiral Staircase

Did you ever imagine that coiled wood shavings that are found scattered in wood shops could be used in designing a staircase? Well, designers at Bonansea have done just that. The curved staircase incorporates treads containing wood shavings fitted with glass panels. Looking like abstract rose petals strewn across the steps, the staircase is one of the most elegant ones ever.

3. The Disappearing staircase

This one is magical, quite literally. Employing hydraulic pistons, the staircase folds up and disappears into your wall with just a press of a button. The advantage of having one in your house? Well, apart from the shock value, it allows you to save space and also keeps unwanted visitors away from your personal areas.

4. Self-illuminating Staircase

As the name suggests, steps in this staircase, incorporating motion sensors, light up sequentially when you take on the stairs to go up or to come down. With this staircase at home, maybe you won’t need to watch your step after all.

5. Wood and white Spiral Staircase

This winding staircase composed of rich and dark wood steps and a sweeping white curve will surely remind you of a chocolate-and-vanilla swirl ice-cream. As you move up the stairs, the two contrasting material planes will offer you an infinite set of visual possibilities with each step.

6. Suspended Staircase

The suspended staircase is very different form the traditional staircases both in appearance and execution. Utilizing similar technology as in a suspension bridge, strong wires are used to hold every step in place.

7. Bending Staircase

If you’re looking for a staircase that could feature as an extreme work of art then the bending staircase would be your answer. Everything about this staircase, including its treads and handrails, is twisted, bent or warped. This unique, asymmetrical staircase is based on 3D computer modeling and made using laser-cut materials. There is one word of caution though. The psychedelic design of the staircase could make you feel dizzy so take on those stairs at your own risk.

8. Open-tread staircase

Imagine a staircase devoid of handrails or risers. Instead, sheets of straight glass fixed on either sides. This is an open-tread staircase employing load-bearing glass, strong enough to support both wooden steps and the weight of people walking on them. The unique feature of this staircase is visibility. Through the treads, across the staircase and from side-to-side, you have all-around visibility.

9. Bookshelf Staircase

Probably the most practical of them all, the Bookshelf staircase is a viable option, if space is a constraint for you. The staircase is lined up with bookcases on either sides. Apart from being an incredible space-saver, this staircase is sure to impress your guests with its innovative design.

10. Zigzag Staircase

A first look would make it impossible to believe that the zigzag staircase is even functional. But this crisscrossed metal staircase consisting of a single band of thick steel is so strong that it doesn’t bend at all under human weight. The use of alternate black-and-white color further accentuates the zigzag pattern of this gravity-defying, unique staircase.

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