Contemporary dining tables to dine in style

Dining tables

Dinner is not all about food but also about the environment you dine in. Dinner table covers the big part of the dining environment. A beautifully designed table is always a dining delight. Therefore, if you have decided to enhance your dining experience, you can have a look on the following modern tables that will let you dine in style:

1. The Tavolo Dining Table

The Tavalo

It features Italian design by Arredamenti Diotti. It has two options of black and white to choose according to your home interior. It has a colored glass surface with wooden structure. The design is very modern as per the current standard furniture. However, you can still find the classy Italian finish making it a must have for furniture lovers.

2. The tree Table

The tree table

It is an exquisite piece of design incorporating the fusion of classic and modern designing. The transparent round glass top rests on a single piece base which is carved to mimic a tree. The tree base with the round top gives it a natural elegance. The simplistic design can give a modern look to your dining room. You can also use it as a living room wine table.

3. The Cervino Dining Table

The cervino

Designed by Cattelan Italia, this is an exquisite piece of Italian furniture design. It has marble legs with shiny dining top. The finishing is done with metal making it more elegant. The color combination of grey base with a transparent top makes it a good choice for simple interior designs.

4. The ET 1500 Dining Table

The ET Table

It may sound like a table from space but it is just a bad name for a beautiful piece of furniture. It is large table for large families with extendable wooden top. It rest on single piece wooden base that stay hidden from the sides when the extendable tops are kept down. The wooden table is a blend of classy wooden finishing and modern base design. It can accommodate 10 people with its extendable mode.

5. The Action Dining Table

Action table

It is a spacy and large table, which can accommodate a large family of 10 quite easily. You can use it for family gatherings and outdoor barbeque. It is satin steel covered table with a glass top, which can extend to accommodate more people than the usual six. It is also designed by Diotti with option of choosing variety of base. You can make a wooden or steel base with black, coffee or ivory white glossy top surface lined with exquisite Italian leather.

6. The 7100 Dining Desk


This is an expandable model by Draenert. It can expand laterally to expose the underneath metal stroller in the middle, which you can use to keep the hot food. The expandable capacity makes it quite fitting for smaller spaces. It can even be kept in your living room. On expansion, you can find a utility spot for keeping the cutlery. It is made of natural stone making it very elegant. However, the heavy weight makes it tough to close and expand.

7. The Drain table

The Drain table

It is Dutch design as a part of an exclusive collection. The round table is elegant with aluminum finish. The finishing is raw to accentuate the modern look of the table. The base has a unique finishing which makes the whole table look like a swirling vortex. The color choices of red, white and black accentuates it attractiveness to the next level.

8. The Blade Dining Table

The Blade

It is Italian Round table design with dual glass tops. The top surface is of transparent glass while the bottom one is of frosted glass. The Bottom surface can be used to keep dishes, napkins and cutlery. The wooden legs have a curvy design and come with an option of variety of colors and finishing.

9. The Ping-Pong Dining Table

The ping pong table

Designed by Hunn Wai from Singapore, the table has the exact dimension of an official ping-pong table. It has floral arrangement is the middle which mimics the net of the table. It is black in color with golden French Rocco pattern in the margins. The timber legged table is extremely elegant.

10. The Icarus Dining Table

The Icarus

It is another round table design with classy finish. It is named Icarus due to its elegant masterpiece looks. The base is of complex design made of cherry wood on which the transparent glass top rests. The table can be even used as living room decoration due its elegant finishing.

11. The Colors Dining Table

The colors

The beautiful table by MDF Italia indeed justifies its name. It comes in variety of color to suit your home decor. The table has a modern finishing making it suitable for new generation designing. The whole base and the tempered glass tops come with a matching color making it more vibrant.

12. The glass Dining Table

The glass table

It is complete modern design with simple lines and elegant finishing. The surface top is of safety glass. The most extraordinary thing is its base, which is made of glass and has rough line finishing, which gives it a look of roughness. The look is very simple making it adjustable in all types of interior designing.

13. The Artu Dining Table

The artu table

Designed by Colico designs, Artu is a beautiful piece of design with modern yet elegant finishing. It comes in three different varieties of gold, silver or black. The metal finishing of the base is the highlight of its look. The design can be wonderful collection for your living room.

14. The butterfly Dining table

The butterfly table

The Vanessa design has a beautiful butterfly design. The design is quite different with a modern edge. The legs are designed like a flapping butterfly. The designing simplicity with classic finishing surely makes it a customer delight. The base is made of wood with a transparent glass top to let the focus on beautiful base design.

15. The InducTable

the Induc table

This is a versatile piece of modern design. The table has modern metal finishing with coating of thermochromic glass ceramic design. However, the table comes with an integrated grill that makes its versatility. It can be used in modern houses where kitchen and dining rooms are integrated together, where it can serve both the role of kitchen and dining table.

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