Living room lighting: Which effect to choose

Lighting Effects for a Room

Proper lighting is definitely one of the most important characteristics of your home, which is equally important both in terms of creating a pleasant environment and maximum usage of various areas. Some people prefer bright illumination filling the entire living space with exuberance and enthusiasm while the others prefer to stay with a light of lower intensity, which provides a cozier ambiance to the room. Therefore, it is very important to choose the proper lighting which is comfortable for everyone. There are many lighting options available in market, which can definitely help you in your quest. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular lighting options, which you can employ in your house to get that perfect balance.


1. Natural light

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Natural light is the best and easily available option. Windows are the source of natural light in your house. With proper planning and architecture, you can certainly use the natural light to fulfill most of your lighting requirements in the daytime. For instance you can have south facing windows for the kitchen as it is the source of bright sunlight at a certain time of the day, east facing windows brings more delicate morning light which is best suited when you are willing to have your breakfast with the family, for living room west facing windows are most suitable, which brings the wonderful light during the sunset and last but not the least, north facing windows are best suited if you prefer the coziness in your room. Above all, you can also use curtain, shades, and blinds to control the intensity of the natural light.

2. Artificial light

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Life never stops with the sunset, it continues to move ahead. So you must have something to provide you with the light so that all the household activities like eating, visiting, studying etc. can be carried out. For this purpose, a large variety of artificial lighting options are available at your disposal. For living room and dining room you can have standing lights facing the ceilings (also known as torchieres), which produce warm diffused light. You can also employ lamps, which are focused only at a particular section of the room like the reading table. These table lamps work equally well for reading purposes and for soft lighting in the bedroom. A combination of overhead lighting fixtures and table lamps can definitely meet all your lighting demands.

3. Special lighting or spotlights

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Proper lighting is required for certain specific purposes, for example, if you want to have everyone’s focus on a particular painting or some sculpture, then you can make use of spotlights. Most often, dimmer switches are also provided with these specialty lighting so that you can control the intensity of light. Not only as a spotlight, but you need to make special arrangements of lighting in various other sections of your house, for instance take the stairs, there you must have bright light so that everyone can move around without any difficulty, overhead lighting can be used for kitchens and for garage fluorescent lights are the best option.

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