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15 Ways to Make Your Lawn Look Like a Million Bucks

Make Your Lawn Look Like a Million Bucks

For many homeowners, their lawn is one of their most prized possessions. Why? Because how your lawn looks can speak about you. It takes work to maintain a healthy, lush, and green lawn. Having the perfect lawn isn’t reserved for the rich and famous. Anyone can have the best-looking lawn on the block with the right techniques. So, here are 15 ways to help you make your lawn look like a million bucks.


AerationOver time, the grass gets compacted from all the foot traffic and activities. When that happens, the soil doesn’t absorb water and nutrients as well which feeds the grass. Aeration helps to break up the soil and allow more movement underneath. It also allows the soil to absorb more oxygen which is crucial for the grass to grow strong.

Spread the Grass Clippings

All of the grass clippings you’re bagging and throwing away, there are many nutrients in each blade that you could give back to your lawn. So, instead of tossing them away, spread the grass clippings over your lawn. It will help replenish the nutrients in the soil.

Cut the Recommended Height

Not all grass should be cut the same. Some need to be cut longer for the grass to thrive. Mow your lawn according to your specific seed height.

Water Less Frequently

Water Less FrequentlyIt would help if you gave your lawn lots of water at one time so that the water seeps deeper into the soil. Water less frequently though to encourage the roots of the grass to grow deeper and stronger.

Remove Weeds

Although they can be hard to control, you should keep your lawn free from weeds. Not only do they look bad, but they suck up much of the nutrients and oxygen that your grass needs.

Spot-Train Your Dog

If you have a dog, their urine can damage and kill the grass, leaving dead patches on your lawn. Try and train your dog to go in only one spot or somewhere other than the lawn.

Use Natural Fertilizer

Use Natural FertilizerNatural fertilizers are not just better for your lawn; they’re also better for the environment and your family. If you like to fertilize your lawn, try looking at natural options first. Your grass will thank you.

Overseed the Grass

Overseeding is a great way to keep your lawn healthy. Overseeding is when you seed an area that already had grass, but it wasn’t growing properly.

Reduce Shade

A healthy lawn loves sunlight. Too much shade and your grass may actually perform poorly. With less shade, the air can flow better, and the sun keeps the blades of grass dry.

Fertilize with Compost

Fertilize with CompostIf you’re looking for natural fertilizer, use compost. Compost is broken down organic matter, typically from the ends of fruits and vegetables you eat. Laying a layer of compost will keep replenishing the nutrients in the soil.

Have a Schedule

Making your lawn look like a million bucks requires a consistent maintenance schedule. Have a calendar for your lawn care, so you know when you need to water, fertilize, aerate, and pick weeds.

Use Pre-Emergent Herbicide or Corn Gluten

Crabgrass is annoying and bad for your lawn. Like weeds, it sucks up the nutrients from the soil. Use a pre-emergent herbicide or corn gluten for a natural option to prevent crabgrass from growing.

Test the Soil

Test the SoilYou could put in all the work required to produce a healthy lawn. However, if your soil is lacking the proper nutrients, your grass won’t grow very well. Do a soil test to see what needs to get added to the ground.

Add Color

To finish making your lawn look like a million bucks, add some color from plants, shrubs, and trees. All of these will add to the overall effect of your lawn.

Knowing general lawn care methods can keep your lawn looking prim and proper. Do not underestimate the basics.

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