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3 Problems To Look For When Buying A Home From Another Owner

When people are ready to buy a home from a previous owner, they can inherit many household problems. Houses are a lot of work to maintain, because not every owner is aware of household problems that actually need to be worked upon. This is why new owners should always invest in a thorough home inspection when thinking about purchasing a new home. However, it also pays to be vigilant on your own. There are numerous signs of damage and ongoing problems which you can see, feel, or smell. Spotting any of these before entering into a contract will save you tons of money and headaches down the road.




Pest control is an important part of maintaining a house. Many pests can overtake your home. The older a house is, it’s more likely that it will be infested by pets, or have suffered an earlier infestation. New homebuyers need to look out for some specific ones. Termites are one of the most notorious household pests, and for a good reason. They can reduce walls and beams to rubble; thus, creating expensive to maintain and dangerous situations. A paid termite inspection may be the only way to detect them. It’s also important to check for bed bugs. Bed bugs congregate in the seams and cracks of furniture, where one can spot the signs of bedbugs. Finally, try to figure out if you have a population of cockroaches in the dark regions of the basement, or under the furniture in the kitchen.

Foundation Issues.


Your new home’s foundation is a vital part of its integrity and structure. After time, foundations frequently crack and put the whole house off balance. It isn’t uncommon to see houses whose foundations have cracked, while also damaging lower level plumbing in the process. Ask your house inspector to look carefully all around the foundation, outside (if possible) and in the basement (if existent).

Water Damage.


Water damage is possible from a number of sources. In the basement or any floors beneath the ground level, it is possible to see water seeping in. This may happen only when it rains, or it may happen all the time. When standing in these lower levels, look for visible coloration, and also be conscious of the sensation and smell of dampness. Upstairs, look for water spots on the ceilings, which could result from a leak in the roof. Inspect the roof thoroughly from the top before settling on a house. A new roof is a major expense, and usually one that the seller pays for if all of the wear occurred while they were occupying the house.

Buying a new house is exciting, expensive, and demanding. It can be easy to overlook major issues, which will become extremely expensive down the road. Rule out these issues from the start, and you’ll have a lot more confidence in your new home moving forward.

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