3 – Simple Fixes That Will Make Your House Warm

Fully winterizing your house can be an incredibly expensive endeavor. You need to pay for high-performance windows, insulation and energy-efficient appliances. As an affordable alternative, you can swap extensive renovations for small projects. These minor tasks will make your house warm for the entire season, without breaking the bank.

1.    Check On Your Furnace:

furnaceOne of the easiest ways to fix your cold home this winter is to check if the furnace filter needs to be cleaned — a build-up of dirt and debris will impede any air flow coming from the furnace. Cleaning up the filter will make the system more efficient, so warm air runs through the whole house.

Vacuum away any dust collecting around the sides of the furnace, and then remove the filter. If it’s disposable, throw it in the trash and get a replacement with a MERV rating of sixteen or higher. If it’s not disposable, clean off the excess dust and then put it back where it belongs.

2.   Tune Up Your Water Heater:

You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of winter with water that barely heats up, especially when you plan on taking a shower before work. If your water barely seems to respond to the temperature adjustments, you need to call a professional.

The first thing you should do is hire a plumber that works downtown to drop by your house to inspect the water heater — this way you can identify the root of the problem before you get ahead of yourself and buy a replacement. It’s possible that you only need a bit of maintenance to get it working as it should.

An appliance that’s over ten years old will likely need an upgrade to last through the winter. Contact a company like Morrison Plumbing & Mechanical to help you with your water heater, whether it needs an inspection, a repair or a replacement. If you’re thinking about doing an upgrade, it’s worthwhile to consider buying a tankless water heater. There’s plenty of high quality options that can provide your family with an unlimited amount of hot water while reducing your energy bills!  

3.   Seal Your Windows:

sealSealing your windows and entrance doors is one of the greatest ways to keep your home warm this winter because you block out any unwanted cold drafts from slipping through cracks and trap heat inside. An added benefit of guarding the interior against air leaks is that you will lower your energy bills.

As a first step, you should caulk around the exterior of the window and frame to make an airtight seal. Put the new tube in the gun and apply light pressure to release the contents slowly and steadily. Anyone who plans to caulk windows on their own should be sure to have a plastic spoon or popsicle stick on hand to smooth down the bead — if they can’t find either tool, they can get the same results with their finger after dipping it in water.

Protecting your home from the cold doesn’t have to be an expensive struggle. Replacing a filter, fixing up a water heater and sealing your windows are simple and affordable changes that will keep your rooms warm. This winter, you don’t have to compromise your comfort or empty your wallet.

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