10 Timeless color schemes that never go out of style

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Everyone dreams of that perfect house. From the setup to the overall décor everything should be perfect in that house. After all the looks of your house does influence the onlooker and it is one of those things that you always want to get right. In such circumstances the color combinations you use in your house becomes important.

The right colors can change the dimensions of your house and at the same time a wrong choice of colors can spell doom for an otherwise good décor. So in this article we will be discussing about some color combinations that never go out of style. If you pick one of these you can be sure of your house being trendy and good looking even after some years.

Some of the new color combination that never go out of style

  1. Black and white:

    This is quite possibly one of the oldest yet the classiest color combination that you can pick for your house décor. Apart from putting in the touch of elegance it will also provide for a sober retro setup. You can thus never go wrong with this choice of colors and black and white is as much of a hit as it was a hundred years ago. Now you can add some contrasts or keep it simple with just these two colors. In case you have some silver stuff in the kitchen area it perfectly complements the black and white décor. If you are looking for timeless color schemes then black and white should be right up your wishlist.
  2. Turquoise with cobalt and sky blue: If you want your house to have a lot of positive vibes or if you believe in the saying that when it comes to room décor black is like the new blue, and then this is just the right color combination for you. Turquoise with sky blue and cobalt provides your room a certain warmth in its ambience and is also soothing for the eyes. You can distribute these colors on the ceiling walls and the floor and get the perfect combination for yourself.
  3. Beige + green + blue + gray:
    grey vintage living room
    While the blue and green combination always works wonders for your room, the beige undertones of the walls are enhanced beautifully with gray borders. This is what makes it among the color combinations that never go out of style. If you want your room to enjoy the unique touch then this is a great option to pick. Apart from uniqueness you can be certain that such a color combination would continue being trendy for quite some time to come and will give you a classic house décor for a fairly long period of time.
  4. Linen with charcoal and creamy white: If your room is painted in charcoal gray which is indeed a very popular room color then creamy white colored or beige colored furniture and other such things look really good in it. Apart from this the multi personality of the color charcoal gray allows you to have a n uptown look if you wish, at the same time you can also opt for a earth and natural look with some painted metals coupled with linen fabrics. It is among the best new color combination that has become extremely popular in the markets.
  5. Brown with leaf green and creamy white:
    green home
    Among the color combinations that never go out of style this is one of the most unique options. If the foundation of the room includes the calming presence of white then any color sets into the room setup with the utmost of ease. Leaf green cushions and pillows in such a room and a brown set of furniture is just the right icing on the cake. It will provide your room with its own signature look apart from being breathtakingly beautiful.
  6. Indigo + White + Gray: If you want to give your room an exotic touch this is a good option that you can pick. The combination of white gray and indigo in the room provides for that extravaganza in the ambience and also has the soothing warmth tone provided by these colors. If the indigo presence is kept to a minimum you can really make your room beautiful with this simplistic combination of colors and it would be among those rooms that never go out of style.
  7. Silver + Seafoam:
    This is such a color combination that it will provide that added twinkle to your room. If you want to make the most of the frostiness of the color gray then you have to use it smartly and team it up with some of the cool colors. You can add some essence of the color teal and this room will exceed your expectations and seem like the perfect dreamy room décor that you dreamt of.
  8. Earth greens with yellow: This is a great way of bringing nature into your house if only through colors. The earthy greens are very comforting when present in a room and few things complement this color as much as a touch of yellow. Use this color combination and provide your room with a rustic earthy feel that is indeed priceless as a décor option.
  9. Yellow with navy blue and bright white:
    Yellow with navy blue
    When it comes to timeless color schemes, few combinations have the same impact as this. This is because the contrasting combinations magnifies the beauty of your room and makes everything look overtly attractive. In fact this is also a happy and warm tone to the room with the presence of navy blue punctuated by the peaceful white. 

Final words

The classic house décor is the easiest and the hardest thing to get for your house. While the options are a plenty the right selection is no child’s play. These timeless color schemes that we discussed would be of great help in this regard as it will provide you with a direction to go about your décor. Go ahead and be the proud owner of a beautiful house.

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