Nowadays, if your home happens to be a bit too chilly, it’s no trouble at all to adjust your thermostat and enjoy the warmth that emanates from your heater. The simplicity of this system, however, is a far cry from what many homeowners have done to heat their homes in the past. Some have been forced to bake coal fires, but at the turn of the 20th century, an innovation emerged that would change heating forever.

In 1912, electric coal stokers that worked automatically were introduced to the market. Heating has not been the same since. The introduction of this revolutionary product has paved the way for the modern HVAC systems used in many American homes today. It has changed the way we live, in many ways, and the importance of this should not be overlooked. Automatic heating is, indeed, one of the greatest inventions that has emerged in American households, and following are three ways it has changed the way we live.

Control Temperature With a Thermostat


The introduction of automatic heating coincided with the invention of the thermostat. When motors became available that could power the coal stoking heaters, inventors had to also develop a way to control the heat that was generated. Thus, the thermostat was invented, and consumers became able to directly control the heat of their device. Many people developed variations of this component, and all of the variations have contributed to the current technology used in homes today. If your thermostat needs to be serviced or repaired, a Plumbing & HVAC Wilmington Heating specialist can help.

Heating is Silent and Undisruptive

Prior heating systems were often quite loud, required constant attention and were generally disruptive. This all changed when automatic heating hit the market. New systems were quieter, more convenient and a huge step towards to modern heating systems we use today. The motors used in the systems were generally somewhat noisy, but as the technology improved, this has become less of a problem, too. If your heater is too noisy, you should invest in a Plumbing & HVAC Wilmington Heating contractor. It could indicate that your heater has a problem that needs to be repaired.

Minimal Maintenance Is Necessary

Upkeep for old coal heaters was a massive hassle, and they were often in need of repairs and replacement. When automatic heating become prevalent, the need for constant maintenance become less. Most heaters now only need maintenance every few months, and it is easy to call in a qualified specialist for this. You can enjoy the luxury of an easily adjusted and maintained central heat. When you do need to have your unit repaired or serviced, it is important to get help from a professional technician who can effectively offer the maintenance you need.

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