Dealing with awkward space in kitchen cannot get easier than this

Every house is different from each other when it comes to the layout and space availability. If your house is built with the regular shapes of squares and rectangles then the possibility of awkward spaces are less. However, if there are certain spaces in the house that are shaped awkwardly you can end up having space wastage.

A well-planned kitchen is not just using the right kind of theme or layout. It is also about utilizing even the smallest space available in the most effective manner. For this, you can opt for customized furniture that will fit in the gaps easily as well as come in handy to store the necessities you need for your kitchen. Well, in order to get the most out of such space here are a few tips and ideas that you can consider and make use of even the smallest piece available for the maximum benefit.

Exhaust fans and range hoods

In the kitchen, the exhaust fans and range hoods take up a lot of space. That is why there are always possibilities of having awkward spaces and gaps. The best solution in such case would be to drill in a few hooks so that you can hang your pots and pans or even phone and accessories that you would use in the kitchen.

Filling the gaps between the cabinet and the wall

There are also times when there may be gaps between cabinet and walls in the kitchen. To take care of this, you can have a sliding handle with a line of hooks for storing small articles like a windshield wiper, kitchen cloth and a washing brush.

Slope shaped roofs that are above cupboards and cabinets

To make the best use of the space you can place books or any decorative items and utilize this space well. Another perfect option would be to store bottles for your spices and other search small articles that can fit in easily.

Make use of the walls

Another perfect way to keep your kitchen organized and to use whatever space you have is by hanging your cutting boards on the walls. This will not just give your kitchen an organized look but also helps you to store your boards and take them whenever you need.

Wine storage racks

For people who love to have a collection of wine, there is nothing better than having your own wine rack. You can make this out of wood and place it above the cabinets to store your wine bottles. This way you can be sure that your wine bottles are safe and you make the best use of the space you have.

Why not an extra shelf

Another good idea would be to make an extra storage shelf just above the cabinets to get an extra storage space. This can be used to store your expensive crockery or even different kinds of decoration that can beautify your kitchen.


Make your own herb Garden

If you want to bring some life into your kitchen and get the benefit of organic foods, you can consider your own herb Garden. For this, all you have to do is place a few pots just above your cabinets of different herbs and avail the benefits of your own herb garden.

Filling vertical gaps

Another perfect way we use the small space that you have is by making a vertical storage rack. In this rack, you can Store your step ladder, foldable chairs, brooms, or you can even make a sliding rack to keep essential things that you need for your kitchen but do not use regularly.


A built in trash can

If you have the space that can fit a small trashcan, you can place one there instead of having it lying on one corner of the kitchen. You can also use the space and make it multifunctional by having the trashcan placed on the inner side of the door, and use the remaining space to store your cleaning items and products.

A trolley for jars between cabinets

If you have space between two cabinets, you can put this to use by building or customizing a trolley that is sized as per the gap. You can keep there all the bottles, oils or anything else that you need for your cooking. You can also place wheels underneath the trolley so that you can pull it out easily.

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