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4 Basic Tips to Improve the Atmosphere of Your Home

Improve the Atmosphere of Your Home

Most design advice is focused on completely changing a space. There are plenty of guides on how to redo your décor or revamp a room. While it can be fun to try a whole new style or create a fresh look in your home, sometimes all that is needed are a few minor additions.

If you are happy with the look of your home already, but still have that design itch there are ways you can create a fresh feel without making major changes to your interior design. These changes won’t impact the layout or overall style of your home, but can improve the atmosphere and mood. 

1. Lighting

Lighting has a major impact on the roomLighting has a major impact on the way a room feels. Dim light can be romantic or calming, while bright natural light feels fresh and energising. A way to improve the atmosphere of your home without changing the furniture or decorations is by incorporating interesting lighting.

There are many unique lighting options that can be used to change a space. If you currently only use your overhead ceiling lights, trying adding some lamps to the room. These will create a softer, cosier light for the evenings that is less harsh on your eyes. You can also add hanging string lights or lanterns.

If you don’t have space to add lamps in your room, there are other ways to change your lighting. Colour changing light bulbs are a great example of this. You can install them in your current lights, and change the colour of the light to suit your mood. This gives you many options to set the tone and atmosphere of your room. Coloured lighting instantly transforms a space, and will make it feel completely different than it normally does. Another way of incorporating colourful lighting is by adding LED strips to the back of cabinets, desks or shelving to add a luxurious vibe to the room. 

2. Music

While it won’t change the way your home looks at all, music has a distinct influence on the way people feel. By filling your space with soft, calming music anyone who enters will have that impression of your home as well.

Your music choices will add a personal stamp on your home, and greatly affect the atmosphere. Even if it is just used as low background music, having music playing is an intentional choice so it makes the vibe of your considered and personal to you.

This is also a useful option for people who live in busy areas. Often the sounds you will hear during the day in your home are things like traffic, construction, sirens and other unpleasant sounds. Without you realising, these sounds are affecting the way you feel, and the way that you feel about your space. Playing music to cover these sounds allows you to listen to things you want to hear, and set a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

You can also change the music style and volume depending on the mood you want to set in your space. Loud upbeat music will create an atmosphere of energy and positivity, while classical piano music is great to boost concentration or wind down.

Choosing to add music as part of your home will help to set the tone and change the atmosphere to one that suits your ideal mood.

3. Scents

incorporating scents into your homeYour senses other than sight are all equally important when forming an opinion or assessing a new space. Because of this, incorporating scents into your home can impact the initial impression of it. This is a technique used by some retail stores where they make use of sweet scents to entice you into the store. Smell can be a powerful thing.

You can incorporate scents into your home in a few different ways. Of course there are options like air freshener sprays that are commonly used, but these don’t add much to the atmosphere of your home. Instead choose things such as scented candles, oil burners, or oil diffusers. These have a luxurious feel, so your house will feel as if you have entered into a spa room.

When you make use of scents in your home, pick smells that aren’t overbearing or synthetic. These can become irritating after some time. Instead choose scents like subtle florals, fruits, spices, woods and other natural inspired smells. 

4. Natural Touches

Another way to change the atmosphere of your home is to make sure you are making use of natural elements. Having a feeling of nature inside your home will work to make it seem fresher and brighter. It gives an atmosphere of lifelines and prosperity.

This can be as simple as opening windows to allow fresh air inside, or finding ways to increase the natural light you get. However, these may not be options for everyone. If you can’t incorporate nature in your home in an obvious way, here are some other options.

Adding indoor plants is a great way to easily add natural touches to a room. The great thing about pot plants is they can be moved around wherever they fit best, so they won’t get in the way of your existing design choices. If you don’t want to take care of plants, you can also add a similar natural touch by having a vase of fresh cut flowers. This is easily changeable when the flowers die or when you want a change in your space.

Improving the atmosphere of your home will increase its appeal. This is important to consider if you are looking to sell your home. Any additions or changes you are able to make to attract buyers, no matter how noticeable- will have an influence. Similarly, small features can impact the value of your home. Before you put your house on the market you should consider a pre-sale valuation from an expert property valuation service. By knowing the accurate market value of your home, you will be able to make better informed decisions regarding its sale.

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