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4 Benefits to turning your crawl space into a basement

turning your crawl space into a basement

If you are thinking twice on renovating or modifying your crawl space, then this article will surely help you a lot.Crawl spaces are a thing of the past. Yes, getting rid of them might get you sentimental as they contain a lot of your childhood memories. Or you might be having doubts because your place is the only one remaining with the traditional and classic look. However, even with all these important doubts, turning your crawl space into a basement will sure you give you more than you will lose. Trust me, even if taking into account its’ “traditional and childhood reminiscing values” plus the expenses you will incur in the renovation, you will surely get more value. And to convince you on why, here are 4 benefits on why you should do a crawl space conversion to basement.

  1. Additional space

Once you turn your crawl space into a basement, then you will have access to more usable space in your residence. And crawl spaces with spaces ranging from 1 – 3 feet are definitely not ideal usable spaces. Once you turn it into a basement, you will have more room for storage or even a new room. For instance, you can turn into a secondary living or a gaming room of sort for your friends and visiting relatives. In fact, basements as activity rooms are the latest trends today, you can even see some people turning their basements into mini-bars.

  1. Increase the value of your property

Increase the value of your propertyAccording to real estate statistics and surveys, properties with basements are valued higher compared to similar properties that don’t have basements. And from that alone, your investment in turning your crawl space into a basement is surely a profitable move. Always remember that the real estate industry is very competitive and fast-paced. Thus, taking advantage of trends and opportunities to increase your property’s value is a must in order for you maximize your profit should you decide to sell it.

  1. Secured storage

Yes, you may argue that crawl spaces can be used as your storage space, but the question is; will your things be okay? Will they still have the same condition in a few months? Are they safe from thieves? And the answer to these questions is definitely a BIG NO. Crawl spaces are obviously not safe from thieves; they are open and are widely accessible to anyone that can enter your property. Furthermore, crawl spaces are not ideal for storing your stuff. In fact, crawl spaces will just hasten the wear and tear of your stored items as they are not protected from rain, dust and other foreign materials that will contribute to their decay or worse total destruction. On the other hand, with a basement, you will not be bothered with these issues and can rest assure that all your stuff will be okay.

  1. Modern look

redesignOnce you get rid of your crawl space, your property’s look and vibe will naturally change. It will become more modern-looking. Thus, you will have the opportunity to decorate and redesign your property with the latest design trends and ideas. You will not be limited to classical and traditional designs that need to go with your crawl space. In short, you will have technically have a new house just by getting rid of the crawl space.

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