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4 Ways to improve your home air quality while on a budget


It is important to keep your home free of allergens and a great way to do that is by making sure that your home is circulating air efficiently. Whether you live alone or with your spouse, children, and pets, it is very important to maintain a home with safe air quality. Otherwise, allergens and toxins are sure to team up to cause major health problems. This article will provide some tips on how you can improve your home air quality while staying on a budget. 

Clean your air ducts
 Clean your air ducts

It is important to pay attention to your air ducts and vents. Dust and pet fur can get stuck in the vents and air ducts which can then be circulated throughout the home when running your air conditioner or heater. Contaminated air can cause health problems for your family and can easily be avoided. If cleaning your air ducts and vents is not a task you want to take on, consider hiring a professional service, such as denverairductcleaning.com, instead. 

Install a ceiling fan or window fan 

While it may cost a little bit up front to purchase a ceiling or window fan and then to install them, you will reap the benefits from your investment for years to come. Both types of fans can help to circulate air throughout the home and cut down on your air conditioning expenses.

Open your windows


The easiest and most cost effective option on our list is the simple act of opening your windows. Opening windows can help stale air circulate out and fresh air to come inside. When at all possible, open your windows and allow fresh air to come inside.

Install an attic vent 

If you have an attic, it is a good idea to hire a professional to install an air vent or a fan that will help circulate the air. Otherwise, air can get trapped in the attic and become stagnant. After a while, it is possible for mold spores to form. Installing an attic vent is the most expensive option out of the five we have listed but it is well worth the investment as it will pay off over the life of your home.

Air out your garage


If you do a lot of work in your garage on your car or motorcycle, it is a good idea to air it out from time to time. The smell from oil and exhaust can seep under the garage door leading to your home. Not to mention it is not healthy for you or your family to breathe in such toxins. After working on your car, be sure to open the garage door for an hour or so and allow clean air to circulate through the space.

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