4 Ways to make a tiny bathroom appear bigger


It is probably the wish of many homeowners to have a really big bathroom to house a bathtub, shower cubicle and the like. But the reality is that most bathrooms are probably the smallest rooms in the house; so, it probably seems challenging to many to design a bathroom when there’s not really much room to have one.

While a small bathroom can feel cozy at times, if there’s not much thought given to the design of the space, it can also feel very cramped and even claustrophobic to a point. But there is hope! Even a small space can be quaint and charming with just a few added touches. You can also employ some tried and tested tips and tricks to make a small bathroom bigger than it really is.

You might already know the trick that strategically placed mirrors can make any small, cramped space look bigger; nevertheless, you may also check out more ways below. If you follow them, your small bathroom will feel bigger and no longer cramped.

Don’t make the ceiling a different color from the walls


If you opt for a different color for your every space in your bathroom, it will chop up the space you have, and make the room smaller than it is. If you have a bathroom with a low ceiling or some odd corners, painting just one color will make those lines minimal. To make it seem like one large room, choose the same color or color tone for the wall tiles too.

Brighten the room with additional lighting and maximize natural lighting

The more light there is in the room, the more it feels spacious. When choosing paint for your bathroom, it’s better to choose colors that are light, such as yellow and something similar to it. You can even just go for plain white, this way you can just add pops of color through the accessories you will put in the place. For windows, go for sheer coverings instead of heavy fabrics so that more natural light will come in.

Opt for larger tiles

If you want the illusion of a bigger floor area, go for bigger tiles in plain patterns or colors. It’s a misconception that a smaller space needs smaller tiles. But if you choose a pattern that is too busy, and with the number of grouting lines visible, it will actually make the floor look smaller. For wall tiles, pick a solid color instead of different patterned tiles so that space will not appear cluttered.

Choose your fixtures well

If you have a small bathroom, it would be impractical to buy big tubs or sinks. There are many designs available that can be a space saver. Try to look for toilets and sink that can actually be installed onto walls so that it takes up lesser space. Instead of a big bathtub at the center of your bathroom, opt for a small corner bath so that you can still have the luxury of a bathtub.

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