5 Ideas For Your Home Classroom

Ideas For Your Home Classroom

Whether you are choosing to homeschool your child or they are still learning remotely due to the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now more likely than ever that your child will be learning entirely from home at some point in time. While some students perform well with just a laptop set up somewhere in the house where they can do work during the school day, research shows that it is better for students doing remote work to have a designated space in their home that mimics the look and function of a traditional classroom, for multiple reasons. This can help them separate the stress of schoolwork and their normal life at home, as well as keep them motivated to do work during the school day and fight off distractions around the house as they will have a physical and visual reminder that they are actually in the classroom.

Whether your child is homeschooled, temporarily learning remotely due to COVID restrictions, or doing extra learning in the summertime with a curriculum from Frog Street, it can be extremely beneficial for them to have a designated area for learning purposes only. If you have extra space in your house that you’d like to transform into an at-home classroom, here are a few ideas to help you get started. 

1.  Utilize a Large Whiteboard or Chalkboard

To aid with teaching and reflect the style of learning they are likely familiar with after years of traditional, in-person schooling, put a large whiteboard or chalkboard in the front of the “classroom” at home

2.  Limit Distractions with Educational Toys

For a little extra fun and functionality, invest in a few fidget cubes or spinners to keep idle hands busy without the possible distraction of a toy from your child’s playroom or elsewhere in the house. Keeping “school toys” and “home toys” separate during remote learning is a great way to keep students focused during school time, despite being in the potentially distraction-filled environment of their home.

3.  Invest in a Home Projector

To make streaming educational videos easier, utilize a projector that can connect to your phone or computer. An added bonus of a whiteboard in your home classroom is that it can act as the perfect blank background for a projected image or video.

4.  Add a Few Familiar School Pieces

To help your child adapt to a home classroom (and to add a bit of fun), consider adding items like a locker where they can store their school supplies and other belongings, or a number line on the wall or other decor that mimics the look of a real classroom.

5.  Add a Classroom Library

Add a bookshelf in your home classroom with books, both old favorites, and new unread books, for your child to pick from during a break. This will keep them from getting distracted by technology or other items around the house during learning breaks, and they can get excited about discovering new books.

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