5 Reasons Why Homes with Alarm Security Systems are Easy to Sell

Reasons Why Homes with Alarm Security Systems are Easy to Sell

With the increased crime rate and advanced technology, every home should have a solid security system. Unwanted intruders and other destructions can cause the victims immense property loss and emotional trauma. Every home is unique and has particular security needs based on many factors. There are adequate home security guides to help if you are stuck.

A study revealed that an average of about 1 million burglaries occur in the US annually, which shows the need for alarm security systems.

Even with such statistics, a staggering 75percent of property owners have not installed home security systems. Home security systems offer more benefits than keeping burglars and other intruders away. Here is why homes with alarm security systems are easy to sell.

1. Reduced Burglary Attacks


Burglars tend to avoid homes with apparent signs of alarm systems, yard signs, stickers, and surveillance cameras. Since most of the home break-ins are hurriedly executed or not planned at all, a symbol of alarm security systems will deter burglars.

Thieves want minimal barriers when out to accomplish their mission within the shortest time possible. Many will keep off any property with an alarm security system. Since everyone appreciates security, homes with an alarm security system will sell faster.

2. Better Protection

The immediate benefit of a well-protected home is that it keeps you and your property safe. Numerous items like jewelry, electronics, and other valuables in a house may be lost in the case of a home invasion. Some irreplaceable ones like family heirlooms need all the safety measures.

A home alarm system safeguards your space or home from invaders by securing the entry points.

They offer protection of the numerous valuables in the house, including people. Due to the protection, it gives homes with alarm security systems will sell faster than others. Security systems prevent home invasions.

3. Peace of Mind

Homes are peace havens, and everyone wishes to have that in their space. The comfort and sense of security of a well-secured home are priceless.

Besides feeling safe, the confidence in safety will help you be healthier, focused, and more productive.

With an alarm security system, you will enjoy a layer of defense against unwanted intruders in a rented or owned property. You can sleep soundly or travel with no single worries with a secured house. The peace of mind a home with an alarm security system offers makes it easy to close the deal.

4. Lower Home Insurance Premiums

Did you know that having an alarm security system at home can reduce homeowners insurance by about 20 percent? Many property insurance entities offer a 5 – 20 percent premium discount if the space is professionally monitored. There are higher discounts for systems that detect smoke, fire, water damage, and intrusion monitoring. Extra things like instant access to emergency numbers are an added advantage.

The reduced home insurance premium is one of the reasons that would make it easy to sell that property.

5. Convenience and Energy Savings

Security companies today offer high-quality, innovative products like video doorbells, smart locks, and smart thermostats as part of the package. You can control the gadgets on web-enabled devices remotely. Imagine you are on vacation miles away but can still close and open your curtains when it is the time!

For example, paired thermostats or interconnected lights can automatically adjust to save energy when the system is armed. A home with an alarm security system will be easy to sell because of the low energy needs. 


A well-secured home offers excellent relief and increased productivity. Whether it is self or the professionally monitored security systems, every home needs an alarm system. You can opt to get notifications for smoke alarms or carbon monoxide when you have traveled.

While different features help sell a house faster, installing an alarm security system is one of the most efficient.

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