5 Simple Tips to Help Make an Old Bathroom Feel New

Simple Tips to Help Make an Old Bathroom Feel New

A bathroom is the most private and important place in your house. As a result, making it a place you enjoy spending time in is very crucial. However, what should you do when you feel that your bathroom needs a makeover to feel new?

Here, we will offer you tips on how to make your old bathroom feel new. Read along!

1. Invest in Better Lighting

Lighting in bathroom

Old bathrooms are poorly lit and gloomy. But that’s not what you want. What you want is a bathroom that feels vibrant and homely. With proper lighting, you can transform your bathroom from old to new.

Proper lighting helps create the kind of ambiance you want. With LEDs and full-spectrum low voltage daylight bulbs for instance, you can instantly transform your bathroom into a more aesthetically pleasing paradise. However, to create a more contemporary effect, you should choose bright but not glaring lights.

2. Install Mirror LEDs

Using mirror leds to decorate a bathroom, whether it’s little or large, light-filled or dark, may make it feel new. Mirror leds are cutting-edge design elements that will give your bathroom a more open, airy feel. They come in back-lit and front-lit.

Backlit bathroom mirror led allows for an even dispersion of light reflecting off the wall behind the mirror. On the other hand, front-lit mirror led has strips on two or four sides of the glass, or one that goes along the entire length of the glass surface. You can use these mirrors to create a very soothing bathroom vibe!

3. Add Fresh Fittings

Fresh Fittings

Fresh fittings revolutionize bathrooms! In fact, with trendy tap ware, shower heads and cabinets, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to give your bathroom a fresh new design. All you have to care about is how they’ll blend in with the rest of your décor, such as your tiles and color scheme.

You can achieve a modern, high-end look by using matte black taps, high-flow shower heads and LED lighted mirror cabinets. These will look lovely against the correct tiling or even next to your favorite indoor plant and give your bathroom a new look.

4. Consider New Paint Job

The quickest and simplest approach to update your bathroom is to paint the entire area. You don’t have to make any structural changes to your bathroom by painting the existing cabinetry and old tiles.

It’s also a good idea to spruce up the walls with a fresh coat of paint. Make sure the paint you choose is safe for damp places, such as bathrooms, as they require paint that prevents the growth of mold.

5. Hang Pieces of Art

Piece of Art in bathroom

Although your bathroom might not be the first place that comes to mind when it comes to hanging art, it’s a terrific way to make it feel new.

Art work will make the entire bathroom look more opulent and have a focal point. However, prevent the obvious clash of striking colors and themes in your bathroom by choosing neutral or realistic artwork.

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