How to Choose the Right Material for Your Garage Door

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Garage Door

There comes a time when garage door repairs in Cheshire or anywhere in the country cannot help restore your existing garage door. So, you have decided to replace your garage door but are unsure what type of garage door will be best suited to your property. There are a number of decisions to make when choosing a new garage door, including budget, design, features and level of security offered, however, one of the most important to our mind is what material to choose for your new door.

There are a number of different materials available when it comes to garage doors however, we have chosen to focus on three of the most popular: wood, vinyl and steel. We will focus on the pros and cons of each one. 

1. Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Garage Door

Wood is one of the more traditional materials when it comes to garage doors. Wooden garage doors are renowned for their strength and durability and have the added advantage of being able to be painted to match the exterior décor of your home. However, wood tends to be a more expensive option than some of the other materials on the market, and while it is aesthetically pleasing it can also be quite difficult to maintain, and as such will need more attention than other materials. If fact one of its strengths is also a weakness in that while it’s nice that colours can be changed, wood by its very nature can start to look unkempt if not regularly maintained.

2. Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors have a reputation for being strong and durable, and as such are often the choice of people who are looking for a garage door that offers a high level of security. The design and construction of steel doors mean that they do not require as much maintenance as their wooden counterparts. Steel garage doors can be easily insulated which means they are great when it comes to keeping your garage warm in winter and cool in summer as well as making your property more energy efficient. This in turn will help reduce your environmental footprint which is something we should all be trying to achieve. One downside of steel garage doors is that they are not as visually appealing as those constructed from other materials.

3. Vinyl Garage Doors

Vinyl Garage Door

Vinyl garage doors are a relative newcomer to the market, and while they are a durable and low maintenance option they are not as strong as steel and could possibly compromise the security of your property. This means they may not be suitable for some types of property. However, when it comes to aesthetics vinyl garage doors are right up there as they can be manufactured in a way that they give the appearance of a wooden garage door while being much easier to maintain.

The three types of garage doors listed above are probably the most popular on the market and hopefully, the information contained in this short article has given you food for thought if you are looking for a new garage door.

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