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5 Things to Look Out for When Buying a Property

When Buying a Property

Searching for your new home can be overwhelming, and it’s often hard to know what to look out for, or even what you can overlook. How important is the layout of bedrooms? And does it really matter to you if you’re not close to a school? While the answers to these depend on each individual and their lifestyle, it’s still useful to know what to look for to help make an informed decision. Here are five things to keep in mind when buying a property.

1. Location, Location, Location

Location of-the-propertyThere are a few different things to keep in mind when deciding if a property is in the right location for you. Of course, there is the suburb or area it is located in. Most people have an idea of the type of area they want to buy in, and most of this comes down to lifestyle. Whether you want a laid-back quiet neighbourhood, need plenty of nature walks, or somewhere close to the hustle and bustle of the city- remember to pay attention to the local area and see if you could see yourself happily living there.

Another important thing to look for with property location is the proximity to facilities. How close is it to shops, transport, recreation or dining options? What are the local schools? Is there enough parking nearby? Not all of these things may matter to you, but it is important to know your priorities. If you have children near school age it may become a hassle if you are along a busy traffic route to the school, or you might find yourself spending more money on taxis if you rely on transport in an area without sufficient services.

2. Size and Layout

Size is obviously a key factor when searching for a home. How many bedrooms you want will be the most immediate part of this, but layout is also something you should be paying close attention to. If the bedrooms are situated too close to the living room it could create problems with noise while trying to sleep. Neighbours’ windows looking directly into the yard will mean a lack of privacy. The placement of your own windows matters too, as they will either letin lovely natural light, or make for a dimly lit space. Awkward layout with tight corners or too many stairs could be an issue when moving furniture in, or with elderly family members. The way the house is laid out will have a big impact on your day-to-day life, so definitely don’t overlook any issues here!

3. Big Things

inspection of-the-propertyWhen looking to buy a property there are a few things that could create a major, expensive headache down the track. These are things that everyone should have on their radar when looking to buy a property.Carefully inspect the property for any structural damage, such as cracks in walls, sagging ceilings or warped floors. These could become very expensive and require hiring a professional to solve. Even if you are planning to renovate the property you should keep a look out for these as they can create unnecessary costs down the line. Other potential issues to keep an eye out for are any signs of termites, other bugs, and mould. Termites will leave noticeable damage on ceilings and floors, as well as cracks in paint. Open any cupboards and appliances to have a look, as this is often where pesky bugs will be hiding, and while you’re at it take a good sniff for any scent of mould.

4. The Small Details

While by themselves they won’t be deal breakers, these little details are still good to keep in mind while looking to buy. Keep a mental checklist to look out for when you’re inspecting a property. If too many add up, it may be worth reconsidering if it is the right home for you. Details that may easily be overlooked are the amount and placement of power points throughout the property. This can affect the options you have when laying out your furniture or deciding which room is used for what purpose. A study will need more outlets than a bedroom, and you will want enough places for all your appliances in the kitchen.

Other minor things that may be major to your quality of everyday life are water pressure, type of hot water system used, air-conditioning or lack thereof, and placement and type of lights throughout the home. While these aren’t the most important things in and of themselves, they still may matter to you enough to help make your choice when purchasing a new home.

5. Future Potential

a good propertyWhen buying a property, it is so important to think about the future and how your needs for a home might change throughout the years. You might not be able to tick all the boxes that you may potentially need down the track, but a few things here and there can make a big difference in future proofing your plans. Some things will impact your decision when thinking about location, such as knowing you would eventually like to start or expand your family, or if you have older children who will be moving out. If you are planning to retire or change careers, factoring in the ongoing costs involved with the property is also important. Taking care of a large yard or a swimming pool may be something you are willing to do now, but not down the line.

Doing a bit of research with the local council into the plans for the area may impact your decision as well. New developments near a property may mean increased noise during building and could be detrimental to your view or the appeal of the local area. Alternatively, if the area is up and coming, there is potential your property’s value may rise later on as new facilities are added nearby.

Understanding what to look out for when buying a property will help you save time and energy down the track when you begin to consider placing an offer. Once you’ve found something that ticks all the boxes, seeking out professional pre-purchase advice will ensure that you’re paying an accurate value on your next home. Taking the time to get the best property valuation Perth has to offer,from an expert property valuermeans that you will have the guidance you need to make an informed decision on your next property.

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