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5 Easy Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

Without a doubt the main thing on every sellers’ mind while preparing to sell their house is how to increase the profit. You want your house to sell quickly, and to sell for as much as you believe it is worth.

The process of selling can be nerve wracking, but there are some easy things that help increase the appeal of your home to prospective buyers, and to show off the value of your house to its greatest ability. These tips will help you house sell quickly and maximise its apparent value to buyers.

1. Do a big spring clean

home cleaningOf course this is an obvious step to take when presenting a house to be sold. However, you need to do more than a simple once over clean. Everything must be sparkling clean, as if you are walking into a furniture store not a currently lived in home.

Take the time to do a deep clean of spaces you may not always reach. Get the dust off the top of the cupboards, make sure there are no marks on doors or light switches. Scrub until the tiles are shining, and remove all clutter. Pack away things that aren’t being used and are taking up counter space. This will help your house look larger and more open.

It’s especially important to remove personal items from view. Things like family photos, shoes stacked near the door, and other items that are distinctly “you” will make it harder for the potential buyers to imagine the space as theirs. You don’t want them to feel as if they are walking into someone else’s loved and lived in home, but into a blank canvas they can make their own.

With your home sparkling clean and decluttered, it will give you the chance to highlight the best features and show off your home in the best possible light.

2. Give a fresh coat of paint

Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! It instantly lifts and brightens a space. Taking the time and effort to freshly apply paint on the walls will have a big effect on the overall feeling of your interior. As people enter they will have the instant impression of newness. This is exactly what you want when preparing your house to sell. Buyers care most about the bones of the house- the things that will stay there when they move in.

Knowing that it is already freshly painted will add to the appeal of your house, as they won’t have to factor in more work to the already tedious moving process. Something as simple as fresh paint can help push the idea that your home is “ready to go” as is. This is something that many potential look for.

While you are at it, consider painting the front door or fence. Anything that makes your house presentable from the get go is a great bonus.

Be careful when selecting paint coloursand remember stick to neutral tones. Darker colours can make a space feel closed in and smaller than it is. Anything too bold will make it harder for buyers to picture the home as theirs, and may turn them off.

3. Focus on small repairs or upgrades

upgrading homeIt’s not always viable to make big changes to your house before selling it. Things like renovations or major upgrades are both expensive and time consuming. Plus, it isn’t guaranteed that the money you spend will translate to increased value of your property. Instead it is often a better choice to find a few smaller things to repair. This will still make your property feel current and new, and will also save you money.

There are often many little things that need fixing on a property. As you live there they can be easily overlooked in day to day life. This is the time to pull out your to do list and get them done. Patch over any cracks, fix squeaking hinges, and make sure everything is in good working condition. Even if there are only small cosmetic damages to your house, a potential buyer may see these and suspect there are bigger hidden issues that may cost them money down the line. Taking time for small repairs is worth it!

If you are able to, updating some fixtures can make a big difference to the overall appeal of your house. New tapware in the kitchen and bathroom will give the impression of a new renovation, without you having to change anything else. Upgrading light switches and power points is also a low cost idea that has a big effect.

Any small replacement of a well-used fixture in your house can positively impact the value, and assist you with selling. Have a look around and think what might need an upgrade- door handles, kitchen cabinets, window latches- there are so many small things you can easily switch out!

4. Rearrange things

No doubt are very familiar with your house, and have spent time perfecting the layout to fit in with your lifestyle. However when selling a home you need to disconnect from this familiarity and view your home with fresh eyes.

The set up and use of each room will be exactly what you like, and what works for your needs. Each potential buyer will have different needs and things they are looking for in a space. With this in mind, re-examine the way you have set up each room. Try and rearrange things in a way that shows off the potential of your house in a way that will appeal to the largest number of lifestyles.

A few ideas of how to do things include turning the spare bedroom into an at home office or study, and setting up a table and chairs on the balcony you normally reserve for your exercise equipment. Anything you can do to help potential buyers see the liveability of the space will benefit you.

Enter each room as if you are a stranger and see what stands out to you. Make any adjustments that may improve the initial impression of each room.

Add touches of home

shiny new spaceAlthough you have removed most personal elements of your house and changed it from your home to a shiny new space full of potential, it is still important to present it as an inviting space.

Add in touches here and there that make the house feel warm and inviting. This can include lighting a scented candle, placing a vase of flowers in the living room and styling a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. These details are what allow the house to feel like a home, without making prospective buyers feel like they are entering a personal space.

Assess the whole house and ensure it is well lit and warm. If it is winter make sure you turn on the heater before potential buyers arrive, if the temperature is uncomfortable it may mean buyers become turned off before giving the house a proper look over.

Make sure to include these touches of home right from the exterior of the house as well. First impressions are everything, so do what you can to make the exterior look inviting. Planting a few flowers or placing some pot plants on the front porch can change the first impression of your home from bare and cold, to a potential home.

When preparing your house for sale you want to be doing everything you can to ensure you maximise the potential value of your property. Appealing to buyers is an important part of this process.

If you are looking to sell your house, a pre-sale property valuation can give you a clear idea of what the current market value of your home is. In addition, the valuation report provides information on what impacts the value of your property, from location, condition, improvements, and condition of the market. Choosing to receive a valuation from an independent property valuer will help you to make informed decisions during the process of selling.

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